How to Replace Your Miele Canister Vacuum Motor

Miele vacuums are known for their high quality and long lifespan, but occasionally Miele vacuum cleaners can start to have problems. If your Miele canister vacuum won’t turn on at all, there is a good chance that the motor needs to be replaced. This repair can seem daunting, but Josh’s video can help make it much easier. In the video you’ll learn how to properly identify and diagnose the problem; then Josh will guide you through the steps of removing and replacing the motor. He’ll also give information about testing for other potential issues that may be causing your Miele to not turn on, as well as some tips for Miele care moving forward. With this helpful guide you should soon have your Miele up and running smoothly again. So check out Josh’s video today and get your Miele vacuum working like new!

First, you should check out our other videos showing how to replace the Miele switch and how to replace the Miele cord reel. Those repairs are much easier and less expensive compared to the motor repair. They only require a Miele power switch or the cord reel, which can be a lot easier to get then the motor.

Miele Canister Vacuum Motor Replacement Video Transcript

It’s Josh from VacuumsRus & Sewing Too in Arvada and Boulder, Colorado again. We’ve tested both the power switch and the cord reel on this. We found both to have continuity. I’m going to show you how to pop this motor out at this point. Unfortunately, I do not know how to test these motors. I’ve checked, I’ve talked to other dealers, they have three wires going in and I don’t know if there’s a way to run directly into two those wires and test the motors. So typically, what we do when we’re troubleshooting is just a process of elimination. First, we check the easy stuff like the Miele cord reel and the power switch and then it kind of goes down to visually inspecting the motor. Very often, particularly on these models of Miele vacuums, what we find is that the bag docks on these are pretty awful and people either rip the bag docs out and throw them away, or they won’t insert the bag just perfectly and the bag will blow out into the motor and you can visually see that there’ll be debris inside the fan blades which will let you know that your motor is probably bad.

Another thing people do is vacuum up water, which goes directly into the motor. This will rust the motor. Again, that’ll be obvious. This machine had water picked up in it. The customer absolutely states without a possible doubt that no one ever picked up anything liquid in this machine. Don’t lie to your vacuum tech because we know there is some leftover residue. You can see the white debris on their upper housing here, and that’s indicative of a wet pickup that dried and crystallized. Frequently animal urine and other stuff like that. It’s super common that people use their $1500 vacuum cleaners to vacuum pet waste. So, on the motor housing with the Miele canister, you’re going to have these little clips that hold it in. I’m going to pop these out and I need to forewarn you. It is very, very difficult to match the motor’s part numbers because the same model of Miele may have taken several different motors. Each of these fit into slightly different motor shrouds, which all fit in the same machine. So, you’ll order the part that says it goes into your machine. You’ll get a motor that doesn’t fit at all. Unfortunately, that’s not a problem that Miele seems interested in addressing at this time, so when you’re ordering a Miele motor online, make sure that you look very closely at the pictures. Look at things like, if you’re real lucky, if they have an exact measurement of the width of your motor. Something that we see very frequently is the wrong part numbers. The motor mounts at the mount in the back. I’m just going to pop that back in because this is what you’re doing in a motor replacement you’ll. Pop the shroud off. Put the motor in and pop it back in again.