Repair Services

We are proud to offer a diverse set of repair services to the Arvada, Westminster and surrounding communities. 

by Donna on Vacuums R Us
Nice job!

I have an old Montgomery Ward sewing machine that hadn't been used in quite some time. It badly needed a tune up and cleaning. Dropped it off here. My sewing machine was back well within the time frame they said it would be. The staff here were friendly (and very funny). I haven't tried the machine yet, but I'm confident that if there's an issue, it will be taken care of.

by SH on Vacuums R Us
Carpet Cleaner

Thank you for fixing our small carpet cleaner. It is nice to have it around the house to clean up spots that occur..

by Tony on Vacuums R Us
Informative and helpful

I inherited a Riccar vacuum which was a tank and worked great. The vacuum was 15 years old and understandably needed to be serviced or repaired. I didn't know anything about them but I knew I couldn't afford a new vacuum at the time so I took it in to be fixed. The guys plugged it in and told me all I needed was a new belt even after I told them how old the unit was. These guys were very good and supremely helpful. I was educated about the vacuum business and how products are made and marketed. I will say this, if you need a new vacuum, don't rush to any store to get a fancy looking, overpriced, plastic vacuum. Stop by these guys first to educate yourself. You will leave educated and enlightened to all the marketing gimmicks. I will not mention brands because that is up to the customer to decide based on what information they gather. but do yourself a favor, go see these guys first. (80th and Sheridan location is where I went.)

by Margaret on Vacuums R Us
Great service,always.

The employees here are always friendly and knowledgeable, I recommend this company to all my friends and family.

by Matthew Patera ( Blue Sky Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning LLC) on Vacuums R Us
Excellent Customer Service and knowledge

I came in to the store yesterday to buy some cleaning supplies as well as purchase a small hand vacuum for commercial use, and already had one in mind. When I spoke with the sales rep, he gave me a lot of useful information on the product I had in mind and let me know everything about it, good and bad, and informed me of other products that might suit my needs better for commercial usage. He wasn't focused on getting me out of the store with a purchase but, took the time to make sure that I made an educated decision based on the needs of my business. Thank you for always putting the customer first!

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