Common Problems with Hoover Shampooers

Hoover shampooers can be a great addition to your home if you want cleaner carpets, especially if you have kids or pets. Repairing your Hoover shampooer can be a hassle, however. That is why in this article we are going to break down some of the most common issues with Hoover carpet cleaners and ways that you can repair them. Keep in mind that many of these repairs require electric components, so care should be taken. We recommend taking in your Hoover shampooer to an authorized Hoover repair center, such as the ones we operate in Arvada, Colorado and Boulder, Colorado.

Hoover Motor Replacement

If your Hoover shampooer is loud, doesn’t spray water, or doesn’t pickup water, then the motor may be the culprit. The motor can go bad with age or if you use too much shampoo, leading to water in the motor compartment. Over time, this will dry up and rust the motor. The only way to fix this is to replace the motor assembly.

In this video, Josh will show you how to change a motor on a Hoover Shampooer. Here is the Hoover shampooer motor.

Hoover Cord Replacement

One of the most common issues with a Hoover shampooer is the cord. Whether your dog chewed through the cord or your kid ran it over, this will help you get your shampooer back to running. It is highly recommended that you replace the cord with the genuine Hoover cord because it already has the clips that you need. You will also need some wire nut and zip ties.

If you need help with this repair, watch our certified Hoover technician show you how to repair a Hoover shampooer cord.

Hoover Turbine Replacement

If you notice that your Hoover shampooer or carpet cleaner doesn’t spray water or the brush roll doesn’t spin, then typically you need to replace your turbine assembly. This is another very common repair need for these shampooers because the turbine is air-driven. This means there is no belt or motor that spins, instead, the motor drives air through the turbine. These turbines also include a screen on the side. When assessing your shampooer it is important to to see if there is any build up. If there is, clean the screen and try testing the machine again. This may fix the problem and allow air flow. If it doesn’t fix the problem, then it’s time to replace your turbine.

Hoover Reservoir Replacement

Another common issues with Hoover shampooers is leaking water or erratic spraying. Typically, this is caused by a faulty reservoir assembly. Thankfully, this is a fairly simple repair that only takes a few minutes. You just need a Phillips head screwdriver and a replacement reservoir assembly. This can be found online or from your local vacuum store, like us! Watch our authorized Hoover technician show you how to replace your Hoover reservoir assembly.

Hoover Pump Replacement

One issue that many people experience with their Hoover shampooers is that water will not spray from the hose. This is a fairly common issue and requires one of two repairs. First, you should check the make sure that the hose line is not clogged. If that does not fix the issue, this means that you need to replace the hose pump. You should note that there are two seperate pumps in these shampooers. One for spraying water with the hose and one for spraying on the ground. This video only applies to the hose pump. So, if you need to know how to repair your Hoover shampooer pump, this video is for you.

Hoover’s authorized repair centers are the perfect place to go if you need assistance with Hoover equipment, whether it is regular maintenance or Hoover shampooer repair. These centers are staffed by highly trained Hoover technicians who understand Hoover products inside and out and have access to all of the tools, parts and supplies needed for Hoover repairs. In addition to being able to diagnose and fix most Hoover issues quickly and efficiently, these centers also offer routine service contracts for customers who know they will need frequent maintenance services. To find a nearby Hoover repair center, simply use their handy online navigator tool. No matter what your Hoover issue is, help is never far away when you contact your local authorized Hoover repair center. ​​​​