How to Replace a Turbine on a Hoover Shampooer

If your Hoover shampooer or carpet cleaner isn’t spraying water, the issue is typically your turbine assembly. If your brush roll is also not spinning, that is more than likely your turbine assembly as well. This is a super common issue with these shampooers because the turbine is only air-driven, meaning there is no belt or motor that spins this. These turbines have a small screen located on the side of them, when assessing your shampooer it is important to check it. If there is any build up, clear off the screen and try testing the machine again. Half of the time, this fixes the problem. If it doesn’t then it’s time to replace your turbine.

In the video below, Josh will show you how to replace this turbine assembly on Hoover shampooer models FR50152, FH50130 Power Scrub, FH50140 Turbo Scrub, FH50150 Power Scrub Deluxe, FH50151 Power Scrub Deluxe, FH50152 Power Scrub, FH50153 Power Scrub Deluxe Pet, FR50152 and FH50152 FR50152 Pro Series.

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Hoover Turbine Replacement Video Transcript

We’re going to be talking about doing a repair on this Hoover Shampooer right here. I’m going to put a list of models in the notes below and what supplies you need too. Generally speaking, if your shampooer generally looks like this. This will likely apply to it. There’s a bunch of different shampooers under different models that are all internally the same. What we’re going to do here is we’re going to do a turbine removal. I’m going to show you how to remove it. I’m not going to show you to put it back in because it’s the opposite. You can totally figure that out. This is a turbine, and the turbine performs 2 functions. The pump is inside this that sprays the water on the floor and it also controls the rotation of the brushes. Now these are a little bit odd. These machines are not belt driven. There’s a little fan in here and air spins the fan, which spins the pump and also spins the the gearbox that turns the brushes so it’s kind of weird if your brushes are not spinning or you’re not spraying. Saying there’s a possibility that it is your turbine. What I would caution you though, is that every one of these that has a turbine there’s a screen on it somewhere that screen can get full of pet hair, which blocks the air from flowing into it. If that takes place, then it doesn’t work anymore because there is not flowing into it. And then I’m going to remove this faceplate rate here and again I want to be clear this is for not spraying if it’s not picking up, you’ve got something else going on, so I’m going to pop. This off and again. If we’re looking at a turbine replacement on this model, there’s a screen right here. Let’s check that first and make sure there’s no debris there, because if there’s debris there, that’s why you’re brushes aren’t spinning. That’s likely why you’re not spraying as well on some models that look like this. This screen is underneath the machine. You have to kind of dig under the machine to find it, but that’s a super common issue. So, before you take the screwdriver out check to make sure that your screens actually that your screen is free, so we’re going to start by taking some screws out of the bottom. This is a much newer model. A lot of the older models are not nearly as easy to work on. They look very similar, but what you’ll find is that your screws are different sizes, so you need to sort your screws as you’re going ’cause you’re long and short, long and short. Uhm, this right here is going to just pop out. You just pull out the little clips that hold this on. On this Hoover shampooer, the screws are even marked. There’s tiny little arrows that mark the screws. And we have a total of 6 retaining screws here that keep the lower housing in. So there’s two in the back. Actually, I’m wrong, it’s 8. Wasn’t too far all afternoon number. So you follow the arrows. Yeah, in the older models you’re not going to have arrows, so you’re just going to have to kind of search for stuff. The front 2 do not have arrows. Those are not marked so. The bottom the top cover is now unscrewed from the bottom, and there’s two screws up here on top. That we also need to remove. And now the hood should just pop off. And mine is right here. So there’s this actuator arm right here, which engages when the when the machine gets turned into an upright position that turns the turbine airflow off to keep your brushes from spinning, you simply remove that. Let’s clip down. And don’t lose the spring that you just saw flying. There’s two screws up here, and then there’s one screw back here, but I remember correctly, I think that’s all there is on there. And then there’s. A hose right here that is your solution. Hose coming from the top.

That you unplug.

And that is it. I mean, you can go ahead and put your new. Turbine right back in again and again. So this is if your brushes aren’t spinning your turbine fan. Is metal actually typically and it probably rusted and it’s not spinning, so if your brushes aren’t spinning, that’s probably the. And why? And if it’s not spraying, there is a possibility that that this turbine pump that’s inside this is bad as well. If it’s not spraying, there’s a bunch of. Other things it could. Be as well, including tanks and all kinds. Of other mechanisms. This is a possible culprit. And one thing to note. Is well, this unit actually technically has it has. Two pumps, so this pump is dedicated to floor spray only and then this white pump over here is dedicated to hose spray that sprays out the hose. So if your hose isn’t spraying but your floor is, your turbine is not. Your issue it’s a separate pump.