How to Replace a Pump in a Hoover Shampooer

In this video, Josh will show you how to replace the hose pump on most Hoover shampooers / carpet cleaners. This video applies to Hoover models FR50152, FH50130 Power Scrub, FH50140 Turbo Scrub, FH50150 Power Scrub Deluxe, FH50151 Power Scrub Deluxe, FH50152 Power Scrub, FH50153 Power Scrub Deluxe Pet, FR50152 and FH50152 FR50152 Pro Series.

Note that there are two separate pumps in Hoover shampooers. One of them, part 440005353 is the one we are replacing down below, is for the hose water. The second pump is for the ground spray which is a separate part number.

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Replacing a Hoover Shampooer Pump Transcript

Alright, so we’re going to go over this Hoover Shampooer repair today. I’ll put a list of model numbers in the notes below that this repair applies to the best of my abilities. Generally speaking, this is going to apply to most Hoover Shampooers and carpet cleaners that look generally like this. We’re going to be doing a hose pump replacement on this Hoover today. So, there’s two pumps in this unit. One of them is for the spray at the base that sprays on your carpet, and the other is a pump that you plug the hose into for upholstery cleaning and the like. The upholstery cleaning hose pump is what we’re going to be looking at replacing today. So, I’m going to remove the tank and then I will pop off the front piece here. I’m going to start from the bottom. There are screws on the bottom that need to be pulled out. On newer models like this, all the screws are the same size. If you’re working on an older model, a lot of those units use different size screws, so you have to kind of pay attention to where all your different size screws are going. The newer models also mark where most of the screws are. I’m going to pop this out. This you don’t unscrew; it just pops out. You kind of pull out one side and pull out the other side. They pop right off so hopefully it doesn’t break in the process.

From the bottom. All right so. Flip it over. There are going to be 2 screws on the top right. Here this you don’t need. To take off. Here’s one of the. Screws on the bottom. I didn’t get out completely. Probably just needs a couple more turns. I think it’s this one right here other. Ones fell right out. Boy, that puppy is on there. There we go. So the bumper replacing is right here. And that is the that is the hose pump. There’s one screw down here. And then it will pop right out. There’s two, there’s two hoses on it, one the one larger hose comes down from the top is the hose that you’re going to. To take off if you’re replacing the pump. It should come with this hose on the pump and this whole assembly. I’ll put the part number you’re looking for in the notes as well. For this, Hoover no longer publishes part numbers for these machines for repair. But that is the unit that you’re going to be replacing, and I’m not going to go through putting it back together. It’s pretty straightforward, you can just do the reverse there. Pop in your new Hoover shampooer pump and you should be good to go.