Use Your Riccar Vacuum Cleaner to Protect Your Carpet From Sand

Sand is the main destroyer of carpets, and your Riccar vacuum cleaner can help pick it up. The heavy sand particles fall down into the netting of the carpet and act like sandpaper. When the carpet is walked on, the sand particles shift, wearing through the fibers and shredding them.

Entry- and mid-level vacuums rarely have the agitation power to pull up the heavy sand particles. At worst, they shift the sand just enough to help it shred the carpet netting further. Some carpet companies list some commonly available vacuum cleaners as breaks to the carpet warranty if used.

Most vacuum cleaners are able to clean the dirt you can see, but not able to agitate the fibers and carpet pad enough to pull up the dirt and sand that has fallen all the way down where you cannot see.

Riccar vacuum cleaners have metal cores in their brush-rolls, as well as Lifetime belts. Some Riccar vacuum machines also have their Tandem Air technology: a second motor in the powerhead of the vacuum. These features help the brush-roll move efficiently to shake up those deep down sand particles and dirt so that the suction can pick them up into the vacuum cleaner.

Metal Brushroll Assembly for Full Size Power Nozzles - Riccar and Simplicity

Check out this video to see how effectively a Riccar vacuum cleaner can pick up dirt!