We raised $400 for RezDawg Rescue!

On the countertop of all the registers in our stores, we have cannisters to raise money for RezDawg Rescue. With the help of our generous customers, we have raised $400 this time! Thank you to everyone who helped us fundraise for this amazing animal rescue.

Thank you! Donating $586 to Rezdawg
RezDawg donation jar

RezDawg Rescue works with several smaller rescues over New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado. Their focus is to make sure that unwanted animals are safely and comfortably transported to shelters, fosters, or rescues. Their goal is to create the best for those animals to find their Forever Home. They relocate cats and dogs from animal control facilities, over-crowded or high-intake shelter, and reservations in the Four Corners. RezDawg Rescue handles the transportation, offers low or no cost pay and neuter services, and offers additional medical care.

Whether they placing animals in foster families, finding permanent homes, or transporting them to another rescue, their focus is always saving lives and educating communities. Adopting an animal through RezDawg saves a deserving cat or dog, adds a beloved member to your family, AND decreases the homeless animal population in the southwest US. The adoption fee they gather goes towards finding other animals their Forever Homes, relocation costs, and emergency medical costs.

When an animal is in need of temporary lodging, RezDawg finds a foster family within their network. Fostering allows lonely animals to stay in a safe, warm place. The animals get an opportunity to experience love, stability, and practice playing and positive interactions while they wait to find their Forever Home. The RezDawg Rescue organization provides the food and medical attention, and the foster families get to provide the fun!