The Story Behind SEBO Vacuums

The Story Behind SEBO Vacuums

SEBO vacuums are globally known for their high-quality suction power, durability, and ease of use. These things made SEBO vacuums a household name among those who love to keep their homes clean. And everything it is now can be traced from SEBO’s humble beginnings in Germany when it was first founded in 1978.

History of SEBO Vacuums

Almost 80 years after the first vacuum cleaner patent was granted in 1901, two German engineers, Klaus Stein and Heinz Kaulig, were persuaded to reinvent the vacuum cleaner. Both of them had a hands-on-work background with vacuum cleaners, so it led them to come up with their own theory on how a vacuum cleaner should be.

The two gentlemen founded Stein & Co. GmbH in Velbert, Germany in 1977, which introduced the brand SEBO: SEMI GEWERBLICHE BODENPFLEGEGERÄTE in German, with an English translation of “Semi-Commercial Floor Care.”

A year later, they developed the first SEBO vacuum product—the SEBO 350. This vacuum cleaner was designed to pass the most demanding standard: to facilitate the work of cleaning professionals. With the patented technical innovations that SEBO introduced to effectively clean all kinds of carpet, and the ability to go through the smallest corners, the SEBO 350 quickly became popular among cleaning professionals in hotels, hospitals, and offices. Due to the addition of unique features like the integrated hose, clutch-protected brush roller, and a bypass motor, the first SEBO became a hit, as it has solved many of the day-to-day problems that cleaning professionals face with conventional vacuum cleaners.

In 1991, SEBO launched in the retail market the SEBO Automatic X1 upright. This vacuum cleaner was the first to feature a sensor-controlled brush height adjustment for optimum cleaning performance.

SEBO introduced many features that are now common with regular vacuum cleaners. These are things like the integrated suction hose on uprights, direct-drive toothed belts, and electrostatic micro filters.

With all of the design and manufacturing processes to different vacuum cleaner products, SEBO has remained consistent in providing its customers key benefits with all of their products—ease of use, reliability, cleaning effectiveness, and high filtration. Due to the features and durability of SEBO vacuums, the demand in the consumer market also emerged.

SEBO Vacuums Today

SEBO has helped revolutionize the way people clean their homes, and even help them get rid of health issues from cleaning with the wrong products. SEBO continues to grow in popularity over time because it has never stopped innovating and improving its line of vacuum cleaners.

With a presence in over 20 countries, SEBO remains to be the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial upright vacuum cleaners. It also continues to be a family business with real care to serve the people’s need for keeping their homes clean and healthy. All of their vacuum cleaners are still being made in Germany, which is why the commitment to high quality is the company’s top priority.

As an established name in the market, SEBO continues to prove that it is a household name by providing quality products. All SEBO vacuum cleaner products today have an anti-allergy design, which paved the way for it being the first vacuum cleaner to be endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation.

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