Sebo Vacuum Bags for Uprights and Canisters

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Sebo is known for making high-quality vacuums that are built to last. That’s why we offer replacement Sebo vacuum bags for every model from the earliest “350” to the new Automatic X4. We also carry bags for Sebo’s entire line of canisters. By regularly changing your vacuum’s bag, you can help to ensure that your Sebo continues to perform at its best. With our wide selection of Sebo vacuum bags, it’s easy to keep your vacuum running like new.

Our Selection of Sebo Vacuum Bags

Our Videos about Sebo Vacuum Bags and Filtration

Our certified Sebo technician and in-house expert created video to help you understand why bagged vacuum cleaners are better and how to properly maintain your Sebo vacuum.

We also have a video explaining what Sebo’s patented S-Class Filtration means in terms of particulates, vacuum efficiency, and potential benefits to you and your home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s the Difference Between a Bagged vs Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Sebo vacuum bags are an integral part of the Sebo S-Class filtration system. Sebo vacuums are known for their excellent filtration, and the Sebo bags play a big role in this. The Sebo bags are three or four layers, and they hold virtually all the dirt and dust that is captured by the vacuum. This helps to improve the effectiveness of the micro filters and extend their life. It also means that no dust can escape into the air when the bag is full and being disposed of.

In contrast, with no bag to contain all the dust and debris, bag-less vacuums require frequent changing of micro filters to continue smooth operation.

Where Can I Find Replacement Sebo Vacuum Bags?

Ordering Sebo vacuum bags from us is easy and convenient, and we offer a wide range of vacuum bag models to choose from. So whether you’re looking for a replacement bag or just want to stock up, we’ve got you covered.

When Should I Change My Vacuum Bag?

Sebo vacuums have warning lights to alert you when your new vacuum bag is full. When this occurs you should promptly insert a new bag. Sebo’s bags are specially designed to hold more debris than other brands, so you can go longer between changing them. However, when the light does come on, it’s important to promptly insert a new bag to maintain optimal suction power.

Are Sebo Vacuums Bags Reusable or Washable?

No, Sebo vacuum bags are not reusable and should be disposed of and replaced when full. You can tell when they are full by referring to the bag indicator on most Sebo vacuum cleaners.