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Sewing is an art, and the sewing machine is your brush. A broken brush will not paint the next “Mona Lisa” and a broken sewing machine will most definitely not create the masterpiece you have in mind. We offer sewing machine repair and service in Boulder because we believe a well-tuned sewing machine will allow you to stitch pieces together in a way that they look like a borderless blend of fabric. This can be hardly said to a broken or unserviced sewing machine.

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Seeing that you’ve landed on this article, you are most likely looking for Singer sewing machine repair in Boulder or just looking to get your machine fixed. If you are indeed looking for Boulder sewing machine repair, we at Vacuums R & Sewing Too–Boulder Store are more than qualified to take on the job.

 Further, we are an authorized service center for not just singer sewing machines but to others such as Janome, Viking, Husqvarna, Elna, and Elnitta as well. Along with a 90-day warranty for our services, we are transparent about what we do with your sewing machine, as we truly believe that you should have an idea about what happens to a sewing machine, once it gets to our technician’s benches in Boulder.

This article will cover a few common singer sewing machine problems, some simple tweaks you can do to fix these issues, and the sewing machine repair process at Vacuums R & Sewing Too–Boulder Store.

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Viking Husqvarna Sewing Machine Repair in Boulder

Common Singer Sewing Machine Issues And Fixes

Singer is a leading sewing machine manufacturer in the industry and has quite a history behind its rise to success. Founded by Isaac Singer in 1851, it leads the way for most modern sewing equipment.

Fun fact:- Isaac Singer is credited for designing the bobbin mechanism that was used by most sewing machines well into the 20th century and is still used in many products to this day.

However, there were other designs created by many before him. Although branded as a top-notch sewing device, you can expect a singer sewing machine to run into a few issues along its life cycle. The following are a few that are common.

1) Sudden Stops

First up are sudden stops. Almost all singer sewing machines have motors which are designed to work for long periods. However, situations such as dried-out lubricants inside the machine can cause the motor to work extra, heat up, and eventually come to a halt. If your machine does this, switch it off and let it rest for a while. But if this keeps happening, your best bet would be to get it serviced so you can enjoy uninterrupted sewing sessions.

2) Stitches That Skip

We all hate it when this happens. If your machine skips stitches, it can be a result of several reasons. One reason is that the threaded needle does not reach the bobbing action. This will cause a few skipped stitches here and there. To make sure that it does re-thread the device (needle and bobbin) and check if the needle is set right, bent, or damaged. The timing of your machine is another reason that causes the stitches to skip. Fixing the timing of a sewing machine is difficult, and it’s best left to the professionals.

3) Bunching Thread

When sewing, the thread can bunch up on both sides of the fabric. If it bunches on the top, it’s likely to be an issue with the lower mechanism of your machine (such as loose bobbin tension) while bunching at the bottom of the fabric is probably caused by a problem with the upper operation of the machine. Regardless, re-threading your device from scratch and picking the right tension on the upper and lower threads will fix the issue most of the time.

4) Thread That Breaks

Luckily, this is something you need not worry about too much. A thread that breaks is very common. There are several reasons for this happening. High tensions on the thread can cause it to break, especially the top thread. An old and low-quality thread will aid this. So, make sure to not tighten the thread too much. You can also check for rough edges in the system through which the thread passes. These edges can cut the thread during the sewing action.

A Peek At Our Sewing Machine Repair Process

Whilst some of these issues can be fixed alone, it’s wise to get your machine serviced by trained specialists every 12 to 18 months. Especially if the issues keep coming back. Recurring issues can damage your machine and cause even more problems in the long run. So what you need is a more permanent solution, and that’s exactly what we at Vacuums R & Sewing Too – Boulder Store provides. Routine services by us will prolong your singer sewing machine’s life span and allow you to experience smooth and efficient sewing.

Viking Husqvarna Sewing Machine Repair in Boulder

The 1st assessment 

As soon as our in-house technicians get their hands on your machine, they will check for any issues in powering up the device. Once it’s up and running, they will run a few trials just to note any problems that the sewing machine might have. Having over 18 years of experience in tuning and repairing sewing machines in boulder, their eyes won’t miss a thing and we say this without the least bit of exaggeration. They will look for problems in the bobbing, needle plate, and hook. They also check for burrs that can cause broken threads, uneven stitches, and issues with tension.

Tension Analysis

Thread distributed without proper tension will ruin the stitches, and we can not have that happening to your projects. So, next, we check your machine’s thread distribution. We make sure that there are no damages to the stress discs and also evaluate the stress on the top thread.

Issues With Built-in Needle Threader

The Built-in Needle Threader is very convenient to those having trouble getting the thread into the eye of a needle. But this is only when it functions as intended. The integrated needle threader has a small cord that helps draw in the thread through the needle. Occasionally this cord can get bent when used with smaller needles and certain types of thread. So, our technicians keep an eye out for it and make sure that the mechanism functions smoothly.

Feed Dog Analysis

The Feed Dog of your singer sewing machine helps “feed” the fabric into the sewing mechanism. A feed dog working flawlessly will produce wonderful stitch work. This is a core part of your sewing machine and we pay great attention to it. Some machines also allow you to lower and elevate the feed teeth. So, we consider all these factors when testing the functionality of the feed dog.

Moving Inwards

Most singer sewing machines comprise the above features listed externally. So, once we are done checking them, including any other external mechanisms, we work our way inwards. First, our technicians strip the machine of its covers and probe into the interior. They clean accumulated dust and dirt and even clean the unreachable nooks with specialized utensils.

Just like any other device, the oils and lubricants applied to a sewing machine grow stale with time. So after a thorough interior cleaning, our techs change the oils and other fluids the sewing machine needs to run smoothly.

Along with the cleaning process, the timing mechanism of the machine is examined. Proper timing will ensure that the needle goes to the bobbing location at the right instance to create a perfect stitch. As you may know, the stitches of a sewing machine are created by knotting the lead thread and bobbin thread. So any delay by either of them will ruin a stitch.

We Keep Things Up-To-Date

If you have an electronic sewing machine, our techs will make sure that it runs on the latest firmware available. Many sewing machines we get run on old software versions and we get it, no one’s going to remember to update a sewing machine. But not us. We will have the latest update installed by the time we hand the machine back to you.

Final Steps

Once all the issues are fixed and your machine is carefully cleaned, our technicians run a few last tests on it. A variety of stitches such as straight stitches, reverse stitches, and zig-zag stitches are tested out. They also run the sewing machine at its maximum speed to test performance. Once all the tests are satisfactorily completed, that’s when we will call you to say that your precious singer sewing machine is ready to go home.

Although most steps of our sewing machine repair process were outlined above, it is far from being a complete guide. So if you are looking for a reliable and experienced Boulder sewing machine repair center, contact us through our website Vacuums R & Sewing Too–Boulder, and let us work our magic on it.