Sewing Machine Repair

Will It Pass?

Finally, our certified professionals put your newly serviced and gleaming sewing machine through a final test. The test comprises two parts.

 The first part is a speed test in which the machine is run at maximum sewing speed. This will confirm that the motors work fine and run efficiently for an optimum sewing experience.

The second part will be a stitch test in which various stitches such as straight stitches and zig zag stitches are created by the machine. But what if your Janome sewing machine fails any of these tests? Well, if it does, it’s heading right back to our workshop. However, we have yet to see one that fails.

Frankly, it’s quite hard to stuff all the things our technicians at Vacuums R Us & Sewing Too-Boulder Store do into one article. But hopefully, this read gives you an idea of what your sewing machine goes through when it reaches our sewing machine repair service in Boulder or Arvada. Hand us your sputtering sewing machine and we will make sure that it works just as well as a new one!