Sewing Machine Repair

What Can Go Wrong?

Although the bobbin system is the key feature of a sewing machine, there are so many other inbuilt mechanisms that help create that perfect stitch you are looking for. A minor setback on any of them can result in an unsatisfactory outcome. This makes it quite hard to track down the issue without a proper understanding of the matter.

A problem that’s quite common in a Janome sewing machine is the timing of the stitches. The time that it takes the needle to puncture the fabric and the shuttle hook to grab onto the top thread needs to be perfect because a delay here will cause stitches to skip. It will also delay the time taken by the shuttle hook to reset.
Our technicians at the Boulder sewing machine repair store take great care when dealing with timing because a mistake here will render your Janome sewing machine useless. The fabric feeding system, also known as the feed dogs, helps in the timing process as well. It feeds the fabric so that you get equally spaced stitches. Any issues with the feed dogs will cause you problems like overlapping stitches.

The mechanisms that provide tension to the threads are another important part of your sewing machine. The overall tension in the thread distribution of the machine needs to be just right. Too tight and the thread might snap, too loose and you’ve got a bunch of detached stitches.