SEBO: The Vacuum Used at the White House

SEBO: The Vacuum Used at the White House

The White House has served as the official residence and workplace of every President of the United States for more than 220 years now. With the residence consisting of 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, 8 staircases, 6 levels, and 3 elevators, there’s a lot of cleaning that needs to be done. As this place needs to be kept spotless at all times, one can only imagine the number of vacuums that are being used to keep the place clean.

Vacuum cleaners have evolved a lot since then, but one particular brand has always been a favorite for professional cleaners and housekeepers, including those who are in the White House: SEBO vacuum cleaners.

SEBO Vacuum Cleaners in the White House

A vacuum cleaner with exceptional durability, superior performance, and ease of use is vital in maintaining a clean home or workplace environment. SEBO vacuums are known to fit this description perfectly, which is why they’re not only found in homes but also in high-end resorts, large factories, top hotels, and even in the White House.

SEBO vacuum cleaners are engineered to provide excellent and reliable performance for years, so it’s no wonder why the White House staffers choose SEBO when it comes to cleaning the place.

During the same year of its foundation in 1978, SEBO took the market by storm when they released the SEBO 350 upright vacuum cleaner which featured an integrated hose, clutch-protected brush roller, and by-pass motor. This vacuum was the first of its kind at that time, and it was meant for commercial use. A year after, SEBO had their first shipment of these commercial vacuum cleaners to the USA. Later on, their household vacuums, the duo-P Cleaning Powder, were launched in 1997.

While there’s no exact date on record of when the first SEBO vacuum was used in the White House, we can only assume that it was probably shortly after their first shipment of vacuum products in the USA. Photos from different events held in the White House show some staff using SEBO vacuum cleaners or carrying their products until today.

Why SEBO Vacuum Cleaners are Special

SEBO vacuums are considered to be state-of-the-art products, thanks to their German engineering that guarantees high precision and attention to detail. This doesn’t just make the products known for being consistent, durable, and powerful—they’re also equipped with advanced features that serve specific needs in various types of homes or workplaces.

SEBO Vacuum Cleaners come in canister, upright, and central vacuum systems—all engineered with top-notch quality control and durability. Their products are also known to be versatile as they offer more types of nozzles that are specially designed for different purposes. Their suction power is another reason why SEBO Vacuum Cleaners are special—these canisters, uprights, and central vacuums are meant to provide you with efficient cleaning experience in almost every type of surface, whether it’s hardwood floors or area rugs.

Filtration is another factor why SEBO Vacuum Cleaners are special, with every one of these machines being equipped with Sebo vacuum bags with S-class HEPA filtration. This filtration system allows for clean air to exit the vacuum cleaner, keeping dust and other particles away from the air you breathe. This is extremely great for people with asthma or allergy, as it prevents these elements from triggering allergic reactions.

What cleaning professionals love about SEBO vacuum cleaners are they’re made with the perfect balance of power and lightweight, allowing for ease in maneuvering. They’re ergonomically designed to fit perfectly on the body’s natural contours without putting too much stress on one’s arms. They also have an adjustable suction-control system that lets you select the perfect setting for your cleaning task at hand. With this feature, it is easy to sweep pet hair and other fine particles from hardwood floors and other low pile carpets.

While their initial target customers are professional cleaners, a lot of SEBO vacuums are also being used by homeowners who want to achieve a thorough cleaning, and many people would easily say that Sebo vacuums are worth the money. Given its features, components, and quality control standard, SEBO vacuum cleaners are considered to be the most advanced cleaning appliances in the market today.

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