Comparing the Sebo Dart vs Felix

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The Sebo Dart vs Felix is a question that we get nearly everyday. If you’re in the market for Sebo vacuums, you might feel overwhelmed by all of the different models available. How can you determine which one is best for your needs? What features does each vacuum offer? Here, we try to help you make your decision by breaking down the differences between the Sebo Dart vs Felix vacuums. By considering these factors, you should be able to easily find the perfect Sebo vacuum for your needs, whether it is the Sebo Felix, the Sebo Dart, or a totally different Sebo Vacuum.

Comparing the Sebo Dart and Felix

  Sebo Felix Onyx
Sebo Felix Premium
Sebo Dart Vacuum
Bagged Vacuum Yes Yes Yes
Included Tools – Crevice Tool
– Dusting Brush
– Parquet Brush
– Extension Hose
– 24in Flexible
Crevice Tool
– Turbo Brush
– Crevice Tool
– Dusting Brush
– Parquet Brush
– Crevice Tool
– Dusting Brush
Swivel Neck Yes Yes No
Warranty Period 10 years 5 years 5 years
Variable Suction Control Yes Yes No
Handle Height Adjustment Yes Yes No
Filtration Level S-Class S-Class S-Class
Cord Length 32ft 32ft 32ft
Floor Adjustment 4-Height Settings 4-Height Settings 4-Height Settings
Price $834 $699 $549
Free Shipping Yes Yes Yes





Differences Between the Sebo Dart vs Felix

As you can see from the table above, the main differences between the Sebo Felix and Dart models are the warranty period, included tools, swivel neck, handle height adjustment, and variable suction control for the motor. We have plenty of information on the Sebo upright vacuums as well full video reviews posted down below.

The Dart vacuum does not have the swivel neck that the other two models have, meaning that it can only go in a straight line, hence the name “Dart.” The Sebo Felix, on the other hand, has a swivel function that makes it nimble as a cat, hence the name “Felix.” The Dart also does not have the ability to control the suction power unlike the Felix. This means that you only have an on / off button, rather than a slider controlling your power. You also have a much shorter warranty with the Dart vacuum compared to the Sebo Felix Onyx, going from 10 years parts and labor to 5 years.

Finally, the Sebo Felix Onyx comes with a TON of additional tools and accessories included in the price. This includes the 24in flexible crevice tool, a handheld turbo brush perfect for cleaning stairs and upholstery, a 9.2 foot extension hose to help reach tough places, and a premium parquet tool for bare floors.

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Comparing the Sebo Felix vs Dart

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