Vacuums R Us will be at the Quilt-A-Fair!

Vacuums R Us is beginning to prepare for our booth at the 2022 Quilt-A-Fair at the Boulder County Fairgrounds on September 22-24. We will have machines, fabric, and notions for sale. Most excitedly, we will be doing an on-site sewing machine service clinic! Bring us your machine and for $39, we will service it while you shop!

We will be offering an on-site assessment of your sewing machine, with the option to have it serviced by us while you shop! While you attend the quilt show, we will take amazing care of your machine. Your sewing machine should be serviced every 12 to 18 months, so why not drop it off with us while you explore the Quilt-A-Fair!

Over time, the internal oil used to lubricate machines dries up. This can be due to the dry, Denver climate, as well as dust and lint getting inside and absorbing the oil. The internal mechanisms will get gummed up over time, and your sewing machine will not operate well! This can lead to many problems over time, as the internal machinery gets stuck.

There are a ton of amazing quilting and crafting vendors who will be present! We are so excited to be present as one of the only sewing machine vendors. Come get your sewing machine serviced at the Quilt-A-Fair for a discount! This is a great opportunity for us to help our customers in a way that is incredibly convenient for them.

Check HERE for more details!