Commercial Customer Loyalty Preferred

We are so excited to announce our new Commercial Loyalty Preferred rewards program for our commercial cleaning customers!

Our commercial cleaning customers have always been highly valued. Professional cleaners have brought us a stunning amount of business and it truly is a pleasure to work with you. Due to how often you stop in our store, we are able to build real, personal relationships, which we love.

We know that our commercial cleaning customers have seen increased difficulties in the last few years. During lock down, many of you lost valued customers when they stayed home and cleaned their own spaces. As gas prices remain high, they eat away at your profits while you drive back and forth between your clients.

And yet, through prices raising in all categories, you have continued to bring your business to Vacuums R Us. For a long time, we have wanted to thank you and return that loyalty back to you. We have looked at our business and found some ways we could cut costs to pass those savings to you. From that research, we created the Commercial Loyalty Preferred rewards program!

For commercial customers who have already purchased from us, we have auto-enrolled your commercial vacuums into this program free of charge! That will stay in effect until August 1st, 2023. After that, any Commercial Loyalty Preferred vacuum cleaners will come with the plan for life!

Included in the Commercial Loyalty Preferred Program

Discounted vacuum supplies: Commercial cleaning customers can expect up to 50% discounted off of exclusive commercial cleaning supplies!

On the Shelf Consumables: For consumer-grade vacuum supplies (belts, bags, filters, and more), our commercial cleaning customers will save 10% off retail!

25% Off Labor: Labor on Commercial Loyalty Preferred vacuum repairs is discounted 25%

Priority Repair Turn Around: Vacuums enrolled in the program get placed at the front of the repair line. Typical turn around is 24-48 hours.

Complimentary Commercial Loaner Vacuum Cleaners: When your vacuum is with us for repair, Customer Loyalty Preferred customers are now able to use our Loaner Vacuums, so that you are not down a machine while you wait.

25 Pack of Bags with Vacuum Purchase: Qualifying commercial cleaning vacuums purchased with Commercial Loyalty Preferred will also receive a bulk package of 25 bags.

Auto Enrollment in Rewards: Commercial cleaning customers earn 10% back on their rewards account when paying for supplies and service.

Complimentary Service/Tune Up: During your first year of ownership of a Commercial Loyalty Preferred vacuum cleaner, your vacuum can receive one free tune up or service.

$39.99 Tune Ups for Life: For Commercial Loyalty Preferred vacuums, all tune ups are $39.99 for the life of the machine.