Riccar Radiance Black Premium 40 with Hand Turbo Soft Sweep 8 Year warrranty

Vacuum bags DO NOT have fiberglass in them!

A video made by a Neurophysiologist in Britain incorrectly stating vacuum bags are made of fiber glass went viral this weekend. Representatives from all major vacuum bag companies are working to release official statements and supporting documents rebuffing this. This has been difficult since most representatives for these companies are now working remotely and the video went viral over the weekend when most of us aren’t working any way!

Right now Envirocare, a major bag manufacturer, has posted an official statement on their facebook page HERE. We will update as the rest of the industry continues to post the MSDS for their products and other various supporting documents. For now this is our favorite video explaining what vacuum bags are made of and how they work by a vacuum expert (not a Neurophysiologist )

Riccar Radiance Black Premium 40 with Hand Turbo Soft Sweep 8 Year warrranty



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The Premium R40P.4 has all the features and technology that set it apart from every other vacuum on the market. It’s the ultimate vacuum for allergy sufferers. Even when you can’t see deep-down dirt, the R40P can. Powerful tool cleaning starts with up to a 17-foot cleaning reach, engineered so pulling the hose doesn’t topple the vacuum. Outstanding durability is a hallmark of this Tandem Air vacuum.

We’re especially proud to assemble our upright vacuum cleaners here in the United States. Not only do we design and engineer most of our vacuums in America, but molding, painting,  assembly and testing is all done at our manufacturing facility in St. James, Missouri.

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Whatever your lifestyle or cleaning style, Riccar builds a vacuum perfectly tailored to your needs. But there’s a common thread among everything made by Riccar. From our feisty little handheld vacuums to top-of-the-line Tandem Air machines, each machine features a powerful motor, superior filtration, and durable parts and materials. All this, plus the convenience of smart overall design for your chosen model.

It’s the ultimate vacuum for allergy sufferers. A seven-stage filtration system with a HEPA Plus media filter, HEPA media vacuum bag and granulated charcoal filter ensure no dust escapes into the room, and odors are contained. The self-sealing bag prevents you from coming in contact with all the dirt the vacuum has removed.

Even when you can’t see deep-down dirt, the R40P can. Its dirt sensor lets you know when dirt is still hiding in your carpet so you can vacuum the gritty particles before they damage carpet fibers. This vacuum’s Hall Sensor stops the brushroll when it senses a jammed condition. Then it’s simple to remove the offending object and restart the vacuum, which means no more broken belts. Bag and filter sensors gently remind you when your vacuum needs attention.

Powerful tool cleaning starts with up to a 17-foot cleaning reach, engineered so pulling the hose doesn’t topple the vacuum. Deluxe onboard tools are at-the-ready, but we’ve also included a bonus handheld turbo brush for cleaning stairs and upholstery, and the Soft Sweep floor tool with microfiber pad for spotless bare floor cleaning.

Outstanding durability is a hallmark of this Tandem Air vacuum. The handle tube, brushroll, bottom plate, foot pedal and telescopic wand are all constructed of metal to withstand years of heavy use. Riccar backs this model with its longest upright vacuum warranty and the Red Carpet Service Plan, honored at participating retail stores.

  •  Gold Seal of Approval – Carpet and Rug Institute tested for soil removal, soil containment and carpet wear.
  •  Dirt Sensor – Red lights turn off when dirt has been removed.
  •  On-Board Tools – Tools are stored on-board for easy access.
  •  Red Carpet Service Plan – Offered at participating retail stores, this scheduled maintenance keeps the vacuum running at its best.
  •  Six-Position Carpet Height Adjustment – From extra-low to extra-high, select a setting for your specific pile height.
  •  100% Sealed Filtration – For allergy sufferers, dust is completely contained with no leakage.
  •  LED Headlight – Ultra-bright headlight makes it easier to clean dark corners and under furnishings.
  •  Tandem Air Technology – Two motors work in tandem for the ultimate combination in floor cleaning and tool suction.
  •  Metal Brushroll with Replaceable Brushstrips – A strong metal roller is designed to perform well and to last for many years. As you’d expect, brushstrips are replaceable and are customizable to your home’s floors.
  •  Self-Sealing HEPA Media Bag – Meets HEPA filtration standard of 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 microns. Self-sealing bags are simple to attach and remove for clean disposal.
  •  Bonus Tools – Extra accessories help you clean more with the same vacuum.
  •  17-Foot Cleaning Reach – A longer hose with balanced design stretches further without tipping the vacuum.
  •  Surface Selector – With the flip of a switch, transition from deep carpet cleaning to gentle bare floor cleaning.
  •  Hall Sensor and Lifetime Belt Protection – Breaking a belt is a thing of the past with Hall sensor technology. When it senses a a jammed condition, the brushroll stops until the jam is cleared. Then it’s back to vacuuming like nothing ever happened.
  •  HEPA Media Filter – Keeps particles trapped in the filter instead of blowing them back into the room.
  •  Granulated Charcoal Filter – Your best defense against pet odors.
  •  Check Filter Light – Lights up as a reminder to change the filter for maximum performance.

Product Specs

Belt: Lifetime Serpentine with Hall Sensor Protection
Brushstrips: 3 Rows, Replaceable
Filtration: HEPA Plus Media and Granulated Charcoal
Handle Tube: Aluminum with Deluxe Touch Grip
Power: 12 Amps
Warranty: 8 Years
Color: Metallic Black
Bottom Plate: Stainless Steel
Cord Length: 40 Feet
Floor Selector: On Handle
Headlight: LED
Tools: 3-in-1 Tool, Deluxe Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool
Wheels: Rubber Molded
Brushroll: Extruded Aluminum
Dirt Sensor: Yes
Full Bag Indicator: On Nozzle
On/off Switch: On Handle with Floor Selector
VIP Service: 3 Visits
Weight: 22.5 Pounds
Bonus: Hand Turbo Brush, Soft Sweep Bare Floor Tool with Microfiber Pad

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