Riccar Vacuums – Designed and Assembled in America

Are you looking for a reliable, high-quality vacuum to help keep your home clean? Look no further than Riccar Vacuums! Designed and assembled right here in America, these vacuums are made with attention to detail that can’t be beaten. Not only do they offer superior performance backed by an unbeatable warranty, but also support American businesses.

When it comes to selecting a new vacuum, quality is key. That’s why Riccar vacuums stand out from the crowd – their products are designed and assembled in the USA using premium materials and components. This ensures that each machine is built according to exacting standards, delivering powerful suction and long lasting durability. Additionally, all parts used in the assembly process are sourced domestically so customers know they’re supporting local businesses when they purchase a Riccar vacuum.

Finally, every model of Riccar Vacuum includes an industry-leading warranty that provides additional peace of mind. Customers can rest assured knowing their investment will last for years with minimal maintenance required thanks to this comprehensive guarantee offered exclusively with Riccar Vacuums!

Overview of Riccar Vacuums

Riccar vacuums are designed and assembled in the United States, giving customers peace of mind that they’re buying a quality product. These vacuums provide exceptional cleaning power while also being lightweight and easy to maneuver. They come with several attachments for different types of surfaces, allowing users to customize their experience when using them.

The company offers vacuum models for both commercial and residential use, so no matter what type of space you need cleaned, Riccar has a model for you. All models come with powerful motors that offer strong suction power and long-lasting performance. Additionally, each one is built with durable materials and comes backed by an impressive warranty policy with Riccar’s HEPA bags!

No matter your needs or budget constraints, there’s sure to be a Riccar vacuum that meets all your requirements! The company strives to make sure customers get the best possible clean every time they use their products – making it clear why these vacuums have become popular among homeowners everywhere. With careful design and assembly here in America, Riccar Vacuums deliver results that can’t be beat. Moving forward, let’s take a look at the rich history behind this iconic brand.

History of the Company

Riccar vacuums have been around for quite a while. The company was founded in 1953 by the father and son team of Alfredo and Carlo Ricci, who introduced their first product—a vacuum cleaner made with American-made parts—in 1955. Over the years, they’ve continued to maintain their commitment to quality products built with American craftsmanship.

The company has gone through many changes since then, including acquisitions by other companies. But throughout its history, Riccar Vacuums has stayed true to its roots as an 

American-made product line. Their dedication to quality materials and skilled labor ensures that each unit is built with strong construction and reliable performance. Riccar’s commitment to using only American-made components allows them to produce high-quality vacuums at competitive prices. This makes them a great choice for consumers looking for durable cleaning solutions without sacrificing value or performance. With this in mind, let’s now take a closer look at the benefits of buying an American vacuum from Riccar – one of the most innovative vacuum brands around.

Benefits of American Vacuum Cleaners

When it comes to vacuums, nothing says quality like those that are designed and assembled right here in America. Riccar’s  vacuums offer customers the ultimate combination of excellence and dependability – so much so that you might even find yourself wondering how life ever existed without them! From their superior craftsmanship to their unbeatable performance, Riccar’s  vacuums provide unmatched benefits:

  • Durability – Built with only the best materials available, these vacuums are made to last for years on end.
  • Performance – These machines never quit on the job; they power through dirt and debris effortlessly.
  • Efficiency – With features such as multi-level filtration systems, these vacuum cleaners work faster than any other model out there.

No matter which room of your house needs cleaning, or what kind of mess awaits you, rest assured knowing that Riccar vacuum cleaners are up to the task. Whether tackling a deep clean or just giving your home a quick once over, trust that this product will deliver results every time. So if you’re looking for top notch performance plus long lasting reliability and Riccar’s innovation, then purchasing one of Riccar’s American assembled and designed vacuums is definitely the way to go!