Fusible Embroidery Stabilizer / Backing – 36in x 60in


Check out our guide to embroidery stabilizer! This embroidery stabilizer is perfect for:
  • Pillows
  • Towels
  • Mug Rugs
  • Clothes
  • So much more!
This stabilizer is perfect to add body and prevent fabric puckering!Use in combination other stabilizer.

Compare to Floriani and Kimberbell fusible / iron on embroidery stabilizer!

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Introducing our new Fusible Stabilizer, a reliable solution designed to bolster medium to heavy stitch count designs on delicate fabrics like fleece, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and polo knit. This stabilizer possesses a gentle fusible coating, making it an ideal choice for knit materials prone to warping, shifting, or stretching during hooping or embroidery. The standout feature of this product lies in its fusibility, which eliminates the requirement for sticky spray adhesives that often clog needles.

Easily apply our Fusible Stabilizer to your project with a simple iron-on method. Just position the stabilizer with the fusible side down onto the fabric, heat up your iron to the appropriate temperature, and gently press and move the iron over the stabilizer. Allow it to cool, ensuring a firm bond between the stabilizer and fabric. With this fuss-free application, you’ll enjoy the benefits of added stability and durability for your embroidery or stitching projects without the need for sticky spray adhesives.

Our stabilizer is specifically engineered to handle high stitch counts with ease. No matter how intricate or dense your embroidery design is, our stabilizer is up to the task. Its robust composition and exceptional strength ensure that it can effectively support the weight and tension of multiple stitches without compromising the integrity of the fabric. With our stabilizer, you can confidently tackle even the most intricate and demanding embroidery projects, knowing that it will provide the necessary reinforcement and stability to achieve outstanding results. Say goodbye to concerns about fabric distortion or puckering, and embrace the freedom to unleash your creativity with confidence.

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