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Bissell Deep Reach Injector Tool for Carpet Cleaners 2037412


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Replaces OEM# 2037412 / 203-7412

Deep Reach Pet Tool Cleans the carpet from the bottom up to thoroughly remove deep down pet stains. DeepClean Essential 8852, 1210, 88522, 88523, 88524, 8852T, 9585 AutoCare ProHeat 1425-6, 14254, 14255, 1425D, 1425F, 1425T Big Green Carpet Cleaning Machine 86T3, 86T32, 86T38, 86T3F, 86T3Q, 86T3V DeepClean Deluxe Pet Carpet Cleaner, 36Z9 DeepClean Lift-Off Carpet Cleaner, 30K7, 66E14 DeepClean Lift-Off Deluxe Pet Carpet Cleaner, 24A4, 24A45, 24A48 DeepClean Lift-Off Deluxe Pet Carpet Cleaner, 24A47 DeepClean Lift-Off Pet Carpet Cleaner 66E12, B0020 DeepClean Premier Carpet Cleaner, 47A2, 47A21, 47A22, 47A24, 47A26, 47A2R, 47A2T, 80R4 DeepClean Premier Pet Carpet Cleane 17N4, 17N42, 17N43, 17N45, 17N4C, 17N4P, 17N4V, 36Z98 DeepClean ProHeat 2X Professional Pet Deep Cleaner, 17N49 Lift-Off Carpet Cleaner, 94Y2, 35K3, 94y2K Lift-Off Deluxe Pet Carpet Cleaner 73H5, 37h5k, 73H55, 73H5C, 73H5K Lift-Off Pet Carpet Cleaner 94Y22, 27F6, 94Y2Q Little Green 1400B, 1400, 14001, 14003, 14004, 14005, 14007, 14008, 1400A, 1400D, 1400E, 1400G, 1400H, 1400J, 1400L, 1400M, 1400T, 1400U, 1400Y, 1722S Little Green Pro 1400-A, 1400-Q, 1400-U Little Green ProHeat 1425-2, 1425-A, 1425-Q, 14259, 1400Q, 1400R, 1400Z, 1425, 14251, 14257, 1425B, 1425C, 1425L, 1425P, 1425R, 1725R Little Green Proheat Deep Reach Spot Cleaner 50Y6, 50Y6R, 50Y6W Little Green ProHeat Pet 1425-W PowerSteamer Pro 1697-7, 1697, 16973, 1697A, 1697M, 1697Q, 1697R, 1697W, 1698, 16981, 8804, 8804T PowerSteamer Pro 1697-A, 1697-Q, 8804-M PowerSteamer Pro Carpet Cleaner 16971 Proheat 2X Healthy Home Pet Carpet Cleaner 9200Z ProHeat 2X Carpet Cleaner 1383, 1383R, 92002 ProHeat 2X CleanShot Carpet Cleaner 9500, 20B4, 95003, 95008 ProHeat 2X CleanShot Professional Carpet Cleaner 66Q4, 9500P ProHeat 2X Deep Cleaning System 9200A, 8920, 89203, 8920V, 8920W, 8930, 8930N, 9200, 92002, 92003, 92005, 9200B, 9200C, 9200H, 9200R, 9200T, 9200U, 9200W ProHeat 2X Healthy Home Carpet Cleaner 66Q4, 66Q42, 73A5, 92004 PROheat 2X Multi-Sur

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