Get your sewing machine serviced for as low as $39.99 when you buy tickets to these events!

Want to attend one of our crazy cool events but don’t think your sewing machine is up to snuff? Get it serviced before the big day and take advantage if this service coupon!

$39.99 Mechanical Sewing machine tune up when you purchase tickets to a featured sewing class or event!!* * Restrictions apply see details HERE.
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Our standard sewing machine service will cover these points:

  • Clean lint and thread debris from internals
  • Oil Bobbin case, hook and pickup area
  • Grease all gears
  • Balance bobbin winder tension
  • Balance upper and lower tensions
  • Remove wrapped thread from main shaft
  • Verify insulation on electrical in foot is safe
  • Time upper and lower
  • Verify light electrical and bulb
  • Coupon is good prior to applicable class or event and up to one month after event takes place.
  • Coupon may be used for $49.99 computerized machine service
  • Coupon may be used for $59.99 Serger/Overlocker machine service
  • Coupon may be used for $89.99 single needle embroidery machine service
  • Coupon does not apply to multi needle embroidery units or commercial machines


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