Comparing the Sebo X7 vs Felix Onyx

Sebo X7 vs Felix - Sebo Automatic X7
Sebo Felix Premium (Onyx) with ET-1 Power Head and 10 Year Warranty

If you are looking for a new Sebo vacuum, you have likely come across the Sebo X7 and the Sebo Felix. These Sebo upright vacuum cleaners are both powerful, durable, and easy to use. However, you may be thinking to yourself. “What are the differences between the Sebo X7 vs Felix?” In this article, we break down the unique features that set these machines apart from one another, why they’re worth the money, and also what the machines have in common. This will help you select the best vacuum cleaner for your home and needs.

Similarities Between the Sebo X7 and Felix

While the Sebo X7 and the Sebo Felix have plenty of differences, they do have a few things in common. These are the features that you will get no matter which vacuum you decide on. These features include:

Long Warranty – Both the Sebo X7 and the Sebo Felix include some fantastic warranties. On the Sebo Onyx editions of these vacuums, you will get a 10 year bumper to bumper warranty. This is one of the longest warranties in the vacuum industry. If you opt in for the “regular” versions of the Sebo X7 or Sebo Felix, you will receive a 7 year bumper to bumper warranty.

Tools – Sebo upright vacuums have access to a ton of different tools and attachments, and the X7 and Felix are no exception. These vacuums come standard with a dusting brush, crevice tool, and upholstery tool. If you choose to get the X7 Onyx edition or the Sebo Felix Onyx, you will also receive a hand-held turbo brush, extension hose, and a 24in flexible crevice tool.

Height Adjustment – While there is a big difference in the way both the Sebo X7 and the Sebo Felix adjust the height of the brush roll, both vacuum cleaners have the ability to clean all floor types. This includes everything from hard flooring to shag carpeting. You can also purchase a special Sebo Soft Carpet brush roller to make thicker carpet even easier to clean.

Bags and Filters -The Sebo X7 and the Sebo Felix are both bagged vacuum cleaners. Both machines require Sebo’s 3-ply vacuum cleaner bags and filters. Each vacuum cleaner also has Sebo’s hospital grade S-Class filtration to ensure that the air you breathe is clean and free from pollen, dust, and allergens.

Easy to Remove Brush Roll – The Sebo X7 and the Sebo Felix both have an awesome feature that allows you to remove the brush roll with the push of a button. That means no more tools, losing screws, and struggling to clean or replace your brush roller. Both vacuums also include a special unclog door that allows you to remove any obstructions without the use of tools.

Differences Between the Sebo X7 vs Felix

Now that you know the features that you will get with both machines, we can get down to business. Below, we discuss the differences between the Sebo X7 vs Felix so you can decide which one is best for you.

Automatic Height Adjustment – The biggest difference between the Sebo X7 vs Felix is the fact that the X7 will automatically adjust the height of the brush roll depending on the surface that you are cleaning. In our experience, almost no one has their vacuum cleaner on the proper height setting all the time. This means that you are not cleaning as efficiently and thoroughly as you should. With the Sebo Automatic X7, this is all handled by the vacuum, meaning you can be assured that your vacuum cleaner is getting every piece of dirt out of your carpet or bare flooring every time you clean.

Filtration – As stated above, the Sebo X7 and the Sebo Felix both have Sebo’s S-Class filters and bags. However, the Sebo X7 does include an additional charcoal filter that helps reduce odor coming from your vacuum bag. This is a great feature if you have pets, as it will help keep your vacuum cleaner from blowing that pet dander smell out of the machine.

Tool Hose and Wand – A big quality of life difference between the Sebo X7 vs Felix is the integrated hose and wand that is standard on the Sebo X7. The wand allows you to easily access your hose, and clean corners and edges without bending over and tipping over the machine. The Sebo Felix does not include a tool wand, meaning that cleaning above the floor is more difficult. While you can purchase a wand for the Sebo Felix, it does not store on the machine.

Headlight – The Sebo Automatic X7 includes a rather bright headlight that will help you clean those dimly lit corners and underneath furniture. The Sebo Felix Onyx does not have an included headlight.

Swivel – The Sebo Felix is a more maneuverable vacuum cleaner when compared to the Sebo X7 due to it’s swivel power head. This makes vacuuming and cleaning around furniture a lot easier. This is a great feature if you want a vacuum cleaner with the maneuverability of your old Dyson ball style of vacuum.

Weight – The Sebo Felix is a lighter vacuum cleaner than the Sebo X7. It is important to mention, however, that the Sebo X7 “feels” lighter when you’re vacuuming. This is because the weight of the motor is supported by the wheels and your floor, where in the Sebo Felix, you are supporting the weight of the motor in your hands while cleaning.

Performance – The Sebo X7 is undoubtedly more efficient when cleaning thicker carpet and bare flooring. In our opinion, the Sebo X7 is the best machine on the market for hard flooring. It is also better for pet owners because of its charcoal filter and “turbo mode” that achieves a deeper cleaning than the Sebo Felix.

Sebo Automatic X7 Pet

If you have lots of different flooring types, pets, or thicker carpet, we recommend the Sebo Automatic X7 due to its power and automatic height adjustment. The charcoal filter and turbo mode make the Sebo X7 clean more thoroughly than the Sebo Felix on pet hair and high traffic areas.

Sebo Felix Onyx

If you do not have thick carpets and want something more maneuverable, then we recommend the Sebo Felix. This vacuum works great on low pile area rugs and bare floors. The Sebo Felix also has a slightly smaller form factor, making it easier to store in smaller homes.

Our Video Comparing the Sebo X7 vs Felix

If you want to see both of these machines in action, check out our video below. Here, we break down everything that we discussed in the article, plus a little more.