This Black History Month, Vacuums R Us & Sewing Too will be exploring and celebrating Black/ African-Americans who have influenced the cleaning and / or sewing industries. Or, maybe they didn’t influence those industries and they’re just really cool!

To kick it off, have you ever heard the phrase, “the real McCoy?” . You may have. Well, we would like to talk about and introduce you to Elijah McCoy. McCoy was born in Canada in the year 1844, and he moved to the United States later in life. He is definitely something of a household name. It is in the U.S that he would go on get numerous patents (57 to be exact). McCoy is well known for his work with lubrication and steam engines! The phrase, “the real McCoy” came about when buyers had to be weary of cheap knock offs of McCoy’s inventions began floating around.

However, aside from steam engines and whatnot, McCoy  patented the portable ironing board. Something that has a place in so many people’s homes. We certainly have some in our showrooms for when our employees are sewing their latest projects!

Another fun fact! McCoy’s name and inventions appear several times in multiple Denver newspapers across the years. Publications like the Colorado Statesman mention him multiple times over the years! One article goes as far back as 1910.

Want to learn more? A list of references we used/links is down below! 

Small Biography of McCoy’s career/ Induction into the NIHF

Compiled List of known Black/African-American Inventors (if you fancy learning more!)

The Colorado Statesman Article (published in May of 1910! A fun look around for any history-buffs! )——-en-20–1–img-txIN%7ctxCO%7ctxTA-%22elijah+mccoy+%22——-2——

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