Are Riccar and Simplicity Vacuums the Same?

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, the names Riccar and Simplicity have gained recognition in the industry. However, there has been some confusion among consumers regarding the relationship between these two brands. Are they the same company? Do they offer identical products? In this article, we will delve into the history and current state of Riccar and Simplicity, shedding light on their distinct identities and guiding you towards informed purchasing decisions.

The Shared Origins

In the past, Riccar and Simplicity were two separate brands owned by a prominent company based in Missouri. This company was a major player in the vacuum cleaner market, manufacturing a wide range of products. Interestingly, they produced two nearly identical machines but marketed them under different brand names: Riccar and Simplicity. This strategic move was born out of the dealership territories that existed in the early days of the vacuum industry. Dealerships had agreements preventing competitors from setting up shop within a certain radius, hindering the company’s expansion plans. To overcome this challenge, they introduced the Simplicity brand, which offered the same product features, pricing, components, and warranties as Riccar. While this created more options for consumers, it also led to some confusion, as the machines differed mainly in their aesthetics, with varying colors available.

Differentiating the Brands

Around five or six years ago, Tacony, the parent company, implemented a significant marketing and product placement overhaul. The goal was to simplify and differentiate the brands Riccar and Simplicity. As a result, most dealerships that exclusively sold one brand now carry both, while maintaining distinct product lines. This strategic transformation aimed to streamline operations, enhance marketing efforts, and offer customers a broader range of options.

By eliminating unnecessary complexities, Riccar and Simplicity were able to establish unique features, designs, and target demographics in the market. Despite sharing the same ownership, the brands maintain their individual identities. Customers can now visit dealerships that offer both brands, benefiting from a wider selection and the expertise of staff familiar with both product lines. These changes have allowed Riccar and Simplicity to thrive while preserving their distinctiveness.

Riccar: Performance and Quality

Riccar vacuums continue to be primarily manufactured in Missouri and adhere to the traditional standards of performance and quality associated with both Riccar and Simplicity in the past. They are designed to deliver reliable, high-performance cleaning, meeting the expectations of discerning customers. Riccar vacuums are favored by those seeking durable, long-lasting machines that excel in cleaning performance.

Simplicity: Entry-Level Convenience

On the other hand, Simplicity products are predominantly manufactured in Asia. They cater to the entry-level segment of the market and are widely available through retailers such as and Simplicity vacuums offer decent performance and represent good value for money. While they may not match the durability and high-performance standards of their Riccar counterparts, they serve as reliable options for those seeking affordable and functional cleaning solutions.

Consumer Confusion

Unfortunately, the differentiation between Riccar and Simplicity has occasionally resulted in confusion among consumers. For example, positive reviews on platforms like Amazon may mistakenly attribute product quality to patriotic sentiments or personal experiences with previous generations of Simplicity vacuums. It is crucial to recognize that newer Simplicity machines are not intended to replicate the longevity of their older counterparts. They represent distinct product lines, and expectations should be adjusted accordingly.

Making Informed Decisions

If you are considering a replacement for your old Simplicity vacuum purchased years ago, and desire a comparable or identical option, exploring the Riccar product line is recommended. Riccar offers a modernized version of those machines, providing the quality and performance you may be seeking. Additionally, if you require supplies or repair components for your older Simplicity vacuum, be aware that they may now be marketed under Riccar bags and supplies. To assist customers in finding alternatives, many retailers, including our website, suggest Riccar products when specific Simplicity supplies are discontinued. The supplies are identical; they have simply been streamlined under the Riccar brand.

Riccar and Simplicity, though once associated closely, have now become distinct brands under the same parent company. Riccar represents a line of high-performance, durable vacuums manufactured in Missouri, while Simplicity offers affordable, entry-level options manufactured primarily in Asia. Understanding this differentiation is vital to avoid confusion and ensure you select the vacuum cleaner that best suits your needs. By exploring the modern Riccar lineup and considering the available alternatives for older Simplicity models, you can make informed decisions when purchasing or repairing your vacuum cleaner.