We Offer Silver King Vacuum Repair!

Silver King Vacuum Repair

Your Vacuum Repair Service Destination For all things Filter King! Our service department is dedicated to providing our customers with professional repairs and maintenance services.

Originally based in Colorado Springs Silver King  closed it’s doors abruptly several years ago making service for filter kings hard to come by. We still have access to many parts for these machines so do not worry. Bring your vacuum cleaner to us for a free diagnostic!

  • Approximately 3 to the 7-day average turn around
  • Trained skilled staff and technicians
  • Many OEM parts are still available
  • Filter king filters are In-stock

We are confident in all aspects of vacuum cleaner repair work on Silver Kings.

It may sound simple, but a vacuum cleaner that does not function often isn’t such a simple fix for some one who isn’t a vacuum technician! Check to see if the vacuum cleaner is attached to a working outlet and that fuses and breakers need not be reset. A common problem is an active thermal cutout due to blockage.