We Offer Shark Repair Services!

Shark Vacuum Repair Well, that gets complicated. Unfortunately, Shark refuses to sell parts to any service center. In fact, as a rule of thumb when Shark retires a model they stop making parts for it all together. Most models cycle out in a year or so.

Our experience shows that most Shark vacuums need some sort of repair within 1 to 3 years of use. We find their repair rate to be more in line with machines priced in the $50-$75 range. However, they certainly outperform machines in that low price range.

Shark’s business model is pretty clear. They sell a vacuum that has fair performance, breaks quickly, and is impossible to repair. Most of their customer base just buys another Shark and ends up trapped in the endless cycle of dropping $150-$200 every other year on a new vacuum cleaner.

  • Managed and Ran locally
  • Turn around quickly (1-7 days average)
  • Free tune ups of machines bought from us