We Offer Kenmore Vacuum Repair!

Kenmore Vacuum Repair

Colorado’s #1 Kenmore Vacuum Repair Shop we  are your one stop for Kenmore authorized service and repair in and out of warranty Following the completion of the assessment, the Kenmore Service technician will review all available service options, replacements, and improvements with you.

Common Kenmore Repairs for upright and sanisters

Low Suction:

  • Indicator bag check, if a new bag pointer is lit after a new bag is installed, you have a clog.
  • Check belt. If the belt is not out of place, reset or replace, many Kenmore vacuums have a reset function.
  • In a bagless vacuum, filters must be cleaned after every use and replaced every year.

The brush roller does not spin:

  • Ensure that the belt is not stretched and check if your model has a reset function.
  • If its belt is flat, it should be replaced  every 4-6 months.
  • Hair, strings, and other materials wrap around the brush and reduce performance and can damage the machine.
  • Brush rollers should be replaced frequently as brushes wear rapidly.