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Tristar Vacuum Cleaner Repair Services

Tristar Vacuum Repair

We are your shop for Tristar vacuum repair and service! Finally, a reliable Vacuum Cleaner Repair Shop to get your TriStar serviced every 4 or 5 years. Our regular service includes thorough cleaning of all components and a full inspection of all wear parts.

  • Managed and owned locally
  • Fast turn around typically under 7 days business days
  • We stock Tristar supplies and parts
  • Bags and filters for Trista in stock

Please bring your Tri-Star or Compact vacuum cleaner in today! We can offer a similar canister vacuum as a temporary free loaner while it’s in for repair.

Tri-Stars are long-lasting and solid products. Tri- Stars are lightweight and often called pig vacuums  since they sorta look like piglets vacuuming the house.

Drop your machine off to our customer service department if you have any questions or your machine stops working.

Broken belt? No power? Low Suction? We got you!


$59.99 Vacuum Service Special

Complete vacuum cleaning & maintenance for $59.99.* (reg. $89.99)

*Restrictions apply

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Tristar vacuum cleaner repair

Tri-Star Vacuums are a common vacuum. As a quality vacuum since about 1946, we have done a lot of service and repairs on them.

The design of all models, from 1946 to 1998, was similar. The last model to be produced in this way is the DXL model made from 1993 to 1998. These models were mostly truly metal made and are often called “Compacts”.

Take your machine in today and get a free repair estimate. We provide you with an on the spot quote on cost of repair if your machine needs service before we start the repairs.












Common problems we can resolve in tristar vacuums

  1. Low suction in your TriStar?
    • If the bag is full, a new bag should be installed. Inspect the cloth bag holder in which the bag is sitting for tears. This should be replaced every 3-4 years
    • Belt Test: Various TriStar vacuums have a rubber flat belt; if stretched or broken, they will not engage adequately.
    • Motor filters must be replaced every six months. They are behind the paper bag and filter bag liner.
  2. The brush roller of your Tri-Star doesn’t rotate?
    • Ensure the belt is not stretched, or check the reset belt if this feature is present in your model.
    • If it is a flat belt, it should replaced every 6-12 months.
    • Debris often wraps around the brush. 
    • Brush rollers and roller bearings must always rotate 100% freely.

Tristar models and parts

We are also asked here about the Tri-Star vacuum cleaner age and model series. These are some of the models and variations we’ve seen of the hundreds of them we have serviced and rebuilt over the years. 

  1. New Genuine TriStar Vacuum Cleaner A101, EXL, MG1, MG2, MG3 Hose Complete 70898
  2. Genuine Compact/Tristar Brushroll Assembly for Smooth Belts
  3. Compact / Tristar Canister Vacuum Electric Hose with Gas Pump Grip Generic Part
  4. TriStar Vacuum Brush Roll TriStar EXL, MG1, MG2. PN: CO-48497, E-62077-1, PE-2005, EXR-2005
  5. Compact/ Tristar Vacuum Cleaner Bags (12 pk)
  6. Vintage Turbo Tiger Hand Held Vacuum Tested Clean & Working Gold as Seen On TV
  7. TriStar A101G Canister Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Main Cainster Only
  8. Tristar SZ-1920-700 Watt – Vacuum cleaner
  9. Tristar Lightweight Stainless Steel Cleaner Pants 70061
  10. Tristar Cleaner Pants 70769 Superficial Pants
  11. Tristar Neck Pivot Elbow – 70064 Lightweight Nozzle
  12. Cord #70101 48 cm, 2 Cable, TriStar Compact Power Nozzle