The Janome Continental M17 is Here!

Vacuums R Us now has a Janome Continental M17 in stock! This powerhouse of a combination sewing, embroidery, and quilting machine is absolutely stunning. It has the largest workspace on the home sewing market, along with its extra large embroidery hoop measuring 11.3″x18.2″. Today, we will look at the quilting-focused benefits of this machine.

Automated Stitch Regulator

Janome has made a huge leap with this machine. It now comes with an Automated Stitch Regulator- the first Janome has offered! The A.S.R. comes with four feet to use; a close-toe, open-toe, clear-view, and a Ruler Foot, which is an exclusive design to this system. Any free-motion quilting project will be well taken care of. The amount of regulation that the system provides is fully adjustable- allowing you to progress your own skills and slowly learn to regulate your own free-motion stitching.

AcuFeed Flex Plus

While the AcuFeed has been well loved by Janome customers for years, it has gotten an upgrade! Using the Acufeed Flex Plus system is optional (can be removed from the machine), but keeping it on for sewing seams, piecing quilt tops, or quilting through many layers adds critical control over many layers of fabric. There are three different AcuFeed feet to use for larger projects, closer details like zipper installation, or a special High Performance foot.

HP and HP2 Feet, Professional-Grade Needle Plate

The incredibly detailed needle plate and both High Performance feet work to provide the most detailed stitching possible. The industrial-style narrow feet allow for extremely precise stitch placement, including on curved seams and are perfectly sized for 1/4″ seams when quilting.

Workspace and Throat Measurements

The Janome Continental M17 has one of the largest sewing machine throats and workspaces on the market. For quilters, a large workspace can make the difference between a fun project and a frustrating one. The M17 has an entire 13.5″ of throat space to the right of the needle. The vertical space under the throat measure 5.5″, allowing for plenty of room to maneuver.

There are so many other additional features of the Janome Continental M17. Keep an eye on our Instagram over the next few weeks as we show them off!