Visiting Tacony in St. James, MO

Welcome to the Tacony studio

Last week, Dina and Josh got the opportunity to visit the Tacony factory in St. James, Missouri!

They spent two days meeting the staff and administration of the Riccar and Simplicity vacuum production lines, and learning more about Tacony products. They toured the corporate office and had lunch with the CEO Kristi Humes and her executive team.

While touring the production lines, they helped build two different Riccar vacuums, and met other vacuum dealers from around the country. Thank you Tacony for the amazing opportunity to learn more about these intricate machines!

Tacony Corporation began as a family-owned business in 1946. Even though it has spread worldwide, Kristi Humes is the third generation of the family to head up operations. Their success has been attributed to strong ethics, smart business practices, and diversifying their production.

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