Simplicity Clean Air Vacuum

Simplicity Clean Air Upright Vacuum with Tools

The Simplicity Clean Air (also called the S20EZM) is an amazing high quality, entry-level vacuum. It is an upright style vacuum that comes with manual height adjustment, and a HEPA filtration system. The quick draw, telescoping wand and clear, slinky style hose make it easy to reach up high and in tight corners.

The EZM comes with a crevice tool and dusting brush on board. They are each stored on the back of the machine for easy use. The power cord is 30 feet long, and there is a sturdy carrying handle on the back for convenience.

When your HEPA bag is full, the EZM will notify you by turning on a light at the front of the vacuum. Other maintenance for this vacuum is simple! The brush roll is metal, meaning it can spin fast enough to clear most hair on its own. The hose and base plates are clear, making the process of finding clogs much simpler! The front of the vacuum cleaner also has a rubber bumper, to save household furniture and baseboards from scuffs and marks, if you run into them accidentally.

Watch our demo of the Simplicity Clean Air vacuum HERE!