Showing Off Simplicity’s Freedom S10e

The Tacony Corporation manufactures both the Riccar and Simplicity brands of vacuum cleaners. When they started, their products were made in Taiwan and only sold at brick-and-mortar stores. As both brands grew more popular among consumers worldwide (especially on American soil), the company decided to protect and enhance one of its most important assets: customer service at each individual store location.  In 1997, they made the decision to move their manufacturing from Taiwan to St. James, Missouri.

For a very long time, consumers could not buy any of their products online. Therefore, bags, belts, parts, and even the vacuum machines themselves could only be purchased by visiting an in-person store.

Recently, the Tacony brand updated their business sales model. Not to worry! The Riccar line of vacuum cleaners will continue selling their ultra high performance machines. The largest change is that the Simplicity range is now offering entry-level models for internet buyers too!

For most of their history, the Simplicity and Riccar brands have been identical, aside from some surface design details. Their products cost the same amount of money and offered the same long warranties and service plans.

If you are looking for an affordable, impressive vacuum cleaner that won’t break your bank account, then consider the Simplicity Freedom S10e. Although it may be basic compared to more advanced models out there on shelves today, this machine is super easy to use! Watch our demo video where we show how well it compares to the DC33 vacuum from Dyson.