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When your sewing machine needs repair, service, or maintenance, do not make any concessions. The factory-certified technicians at Vacuums R Us & Sewing Too service most models and brands of sewing machines in Denver at our Arvada store. All service done in Denver carries Vacuums R Us & Sewing Too’s rock-solid 90 day warranty. Deposits are not required at the time of service check-in and if we find that a machine is non-repairable due to discontinued parts or other complications there is no charge!

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What’s the news, you ask? Your sewing machine should be serviced by certified experts once every 12 to 18 months for optimum performance. Over time, internal oil and lubrication dries up. This can be due to an accumulation of dust or other particles absorbing the oil, as well as our dry Denver climate drying out the inner workings of your machine. If your sewing machine’s parts do not move freely, it won’t operate! When these components become stuck, many problems can develop, including expensive repair service fees. A stuck handwheel might be caused by dried old oil that has fractured interior components. Bring your sewing machine to our Vacuums R Us & Sewing Too – Arvada Store for a tune-up once every 12 to 18 months if you need it to work properly and create beautiful projects!

Sewing Machine Repair in Boulder Colorado at Vacuums R Us & Sewing Too - Boulder Store

We want to be your first choice for sewing machine and vacuum repair in Denver, Colorado! We fix and maintain all types of sewing machines, ranging from straight stitching to embroidery to sergers, as well as cover stitches. We are an authorized service center for Singer, Janome, Viking Husqvarna, Elna and Elnitta. We also service Bernina, Pfaff, Juki, Baby Lock, Necchi, Brother, Kenmore, Bernette Dress Maker, and more.

If your sewing machine needs more than basic maintenance or tune-up, we’ll offer you a free quote on repair costs before authorizing repairs. During the check-in procedure, our front-of-store personnel will thoroughly inspect your sewing machine with you. Our specialists in Denver will examine your hand wheel for turning and zig zag, as well as stitch functionality, tension, and timing. We request that you take home any extra accessories you brought with your sewing machine, such as sewing machine handbooks, optional presser feet, accessory trays, and spindles of thread. The simple presser foot, foot control, power cable, bobbin holder, and bobbin are all that your sewing machine tech will require to finish the maintenance or repair.

Your machine will be taken to our technicians’ benches in Denver for inspection, where they’ll make sure it powers on and look for anything wrong with the needle plate, hook, or bobbin. Burrs can cause thread damage when stitching, as well as other issues such as strange uneven stitches and tension difficulties.

We then check thread distribution on your sewing machine for any damages to the stress discs and spring tension retention on the machine. After being fed through the sewing machine, tension is verified on your top thread to ensure there is still tension after it has passed through.

Many integrated needle threaders on a sewing machine have a little cord that draws the thread via the eye of the needle. This small little cord can flex in time or if the integrated needle threader is being utilized with some decorative thread, or smaller sized sewing machine needles. Our specialists inspect your sewing machine’s integrated needle threader as well as make any required modifications. If you can’t make adjustments to your sewing machine’s needle threader cable because it is frayed or missing, replacing the hook of the needle threader might be necessary.

The bobbin winder on your sewing machine is tested for functionality, with stress and speed being checked. Our experts insert your sewing machine’s bobbin into the bobbin case, where they check its tension. Our experts will make any necessary changes and return normal tension if there are any variances in bobbin tension to correct.

With the assistance of two lengthy teeth projecting from your needle plate, machines sew cloth into place. There may be additional repair work required if your sewing machine’s feed teeth stagnate the material when they should not. Our experts examine your sewing machine’s feed system to ensure that the feed animals keep moving forward throughout basic stitching as well as in reverse. This mechanism is also tested if your sewing machine has the option to elevate and decrease the feed teeth.

Vacuums R Us & Sewing Too is your Authorized JUKI Sewing Sales and Service Center in Boulder!

As soon as all outside parts are checked and tested by our certified service technicians, your sewing machine’s outside cover is taken off to start the interior service of your machine. With the covers removed, the techs clean the inner chassis by getting rid of all dirt, dust, and particles. Any type of old oil and grease is eliminated from your sewing machine equipment’s and discs. After the sewing machine has been cleaned inside, our we use brand-new oil to the parts needing and grease parts which require grease instead of oil.

Sewing devices need appropriate timing to develop perfect stitches. If the eye of your sewing machine needle does not go into the bobbin location at the perfect time, your sewing machine will not create a stitch appropriately. Sewing machines create stitches by knotting both the leading thread as well as bobbin thread with each other, the outcome is the sewing machine needle knotting with the bobbin thread at the perfect time. After your sewing machine has been cleaned as and lubricated, our technician will install a brand-new needle right into your sewing machine, inspect your machine’s feed timing and retime your hook to make sure perfect sewing on the machine. Our service technicians will certainly adjust sewing machine’s needle bar elevation. Any type of difference in manufacture needle bar elevation can change your sewing machines sewing, leading to skipped stitches, ticking sounds and not having the ability to draw your bobbin thread up continually.

If your sewing machine is electronic, our experts will inspect your sewing devices firmware. Many sewing machine producers launch brand-new updates to your electronic sewing machine regularly. Our repair specialists will install the most recent updates to your electronic sewing machine so you are up to date!

The last procedure of our sewing machine solution consists of an outside cleaning of your sewing machine. Our techs clean the outside of you sewing machine with a 100% natural cleaner, without damaging chemicals.

Finally, our technicians complete a comprehensive and final test of your sewing machine. Your sewing machine is tested over one minute at its fastest sewing rate. This guarantees your sewing machine runs efficiently and assists in feeding the oil through the machine. Our certified professionals will then test numerous stitch examples on your sewing machine.

  • Straight stitch to check your sewing machine sews at top quality
  • Reverse sewing to examine the reverse system of your sewing machine
  • Zig-zag sew to check your machine’s needle bar device
  • Three-way zig-zag stitch or a healing stitch to check your sewing machines needle placements
  • Ornamental stitch to examine total capability of sewing machine

At Vacuums R & Sewing Too – Arvada Store, our experienced professionals offer top quality sewing machine solutions and also notions, as well as high quality repair services. Bring your machine in to the specialists that understand the importance of your sewing machine!