Sewing Machine Repair!

Post-service Trial

After all the internal problems are taken care of, our techs put the covers back on and give it a nice wipe. They use 100% natural cleaner so that it doesn’t harm the exterior. Our certified specialists then conduct a few tests to assess the current state of the machine.

First, they test out various stitch types like straight stitches, Zig-Zag stitches, and Reverse stitches. They then run the machine at its highest sewing speed to assess the internal workings.

Finally, our technicians go through every additional feature your sewing machine offers to make sure that they are working fine.

There’s way more technical stuff happening on the benches of our professionals, and this is just a peek at it. Nevertheless, we are pretty proud of our sewing machine repair process and got plenty of reviews to back up its success. So, if you are having sewing machine troubles, join us and we’ll solve them all for you!