Sewing Machine Repair

Regular Sewing Machine Maintenance – Is It Necessary?

Usually, most people have their sewing machines looked at by a trained professional only when it requires a repair. While it does take care of any prevailing problems, it’s not recommended that you do this.

A sewing machine needs to be serviced by trained specialists every 12 to 18 months for it to function at its best. Further, a sewing machine that does not run at its optimum condition will lead to problems and finally cause you to replace the entire unit.

Sewing machines comprise many moving parts that work in unison to provide the perfect stitch you are looking for. Therefore, any fault in any of these mechanisms will bring about a bad sewing experience.

Most of these moving parts require oil or some sort of lubricant to function properly. But in time the lubricants dry off, causing friction between active parts. This will lead to damages that can cause many expenses such as a section replacement. However, routine maintenance will prevent you from running into such troubles and also cause your machine to last much longer.