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Sebo Vacuum Repair

We are a Sebo vacuum repair and warranty center! Get your Sebo fixed today.

Broken belt?   No power? Low Suction?  

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In 1978, SEBO was founded in Velbert, Germany, by two engineers whose vision for a cleaning system was different from anything ever made. SEBO has since become the world’s largest maker of high-quality consumer vacuum cleaners. In Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America we sold more than four million units, with total revenue of over $1 billion.

SEBO Vacuums have been awarded by Better Homes and Gardens, Digest, TIME, Really Easy, Checking Wired, and other papers. Their technical advancements in the science of cleaning are remarkable in our industry.

SEBO’s first US shipment came in 1979, followed by SEBO’s Duo-P Cleaning Powder, which began in 1997, to commercial cleaners.

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Sebo vacuum repairs

We are the best vacuum repair and warranty center for Sebo vacuums.

  • Authorized Sebo Supplier – exclusive models sold and repaired
  • Turn around quickly with available free loaners
  • Certified and Trained Technicians
  • OEM Authorized factory parts
  • 90 day warranty on all repairs
  • Parts on hand for Sebo and Windsor
  • Bags, belts, and filters for all Sebo and Windsor machines
  • Sebo Service Center warranty












Common Sebo Vacuum repairs

  1. Low suction in SEBO vacuums
    • Low scution in SEBOs is almost always caused by a simple error. Often an improperly installed bag or clogs are the culprit. But we often find a stuck pencils, spoon, or hairpins, or other major obstructions.
    • Check the facts!!! You can never brush items bigger than a penny with your vacuum.
    • The bag holder should remain in the unit and sometimes is mistaken in the vacuum cleaner bag. If the bag is removed, it is not sitting right, and waste fills instead of the bag in the unit’s interior.
  1. After installing the new bag, the bag indicator displays full bag:
    • Clogs may cause this in the assembly of the vacuum cleaner head, wall, or tubes.
    • If the issue continues, bring your machine to our SEBO service store.
  1. Machine noise loud or unusual:
    • This is often caused by a blockage in the brush’s head.
    • Service or replacement may be needed for the motor. Motor failure is unusual but not impossible. Sebo motors have a minimum standard warranty of 7 years.
  1. The bag compartment was filled with debris and dust:
    • The bag is not properly seated. Make sure that the arrows in the neck of the bag are matched to the holder arrows.
    • Use of a non genuine SEBO vacuum bag, (Sebo suction motors are so powerful that they will often pull dust and debris through the cheaper aftermarket paper bags, and this will void your warranty).
  1. Vacuum cuts in and out of the motor head-on canister:
    • If the wand is not properly seeded or used wrongly.
    • Incorrect wand or connection.
    • Faulty electric touch head assembly.
    • The electronic board of the Canister is defective or shorted because of static power or a surge.

In addition to these simple Sebo vacuum repair instructions you can always bring us the vacuum and we will guarantee efficient and fast tune up and repair!

Just a few Sebo models we do repair and service on

Sebo is designed for pet fur, allergy and asthma relaxation, simple use, and durability in Germany, SEBO provides world-class vaccine cleaners. SEBO sells on the market the finest pet vacuum cleaners.

We have listed below the top six SEBO Vacuum models:

1.   Sebo K3 AIRBELT Vacuum Cleaner

The series SEBO AIRBELT K3 is the core of the SEBO K series. This vacuum cleaner is extremely easy to use with the electronic suction power control in the handle.

2.   Ultra-high-speed Sebo Dart 3 Commercial Upright Vacuum

Hard Floors Brilliant performance. It is the ideal choice for preserving the floor covering, promoting cleaning, and providing visual improvement. 

3.   Cleaner SEBO Dart Upright

SEBO Dart offers the comfort of an upright design to all the versatility of a canister vacuum. This powerhouse is the ideal partner for keeping your house clutter and dirt clear because it can swiftly transform into a hand-held vacuum.

4.   Sebo mechanical 300 and 350 Vacuum cleaner

The 300 and 350 MECHANICALS are built to clean carpets, do well on the hardest floors, and have excellent removal of animal hair! They have a comfortable eight-foot grip and three on-board tools for instant cleaning and suction.

5.   Premium Vacuum Cleaner Sebo Airbelt E3

A great value vacuum that provides outstanding results over a variety of floor surfaces is the Sebo Airbelt E3 Premium. It is perfect for pet hair washing and restores fur in one sweep.

6.   Premium AIRBELT D4 Canister Power Head Vacuum Cleaners.

Set to optimum cleaning power and effortless operation, all the elements in the SEBO Airbelt D4 Canister Vacuum feature an S-Class screening filtration device that can handle allergens to up to 0.3 microns with 99.9 percent reliability.