SEBO Vacuum Attachments and Accessories

SEBO vacuum cleaners are already powerful and versatile enough on their own. However, some spaces and instances are better handled by a few extra tools and equipment. This is the reason why SEBO has created special vacuum attachments and accessories that can enhance your cleaning experience and performance in almost any situation you can think of.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the SEBO vacuum attachments and accessories, their purpose, and how they can help you get the cleaning job done.

The Standard On-Board Tools of SEBO Vacuums

Most SEBO vacuum cleaners come with three standard on-board tools: the crevice tool, the upholstery tool, and the dusting brush. Each tool varies in size and shapes with each other, simply because the tools need to be stored inside the vacuum. With every vacuum model having their different designs, the tools need to be stored in a way that fits the vacuum’s dimensions.

Sebo Canister Value Pack Tool Kit

The purpose of the standard on-board tools:

The crevice tool is usually used to clean in tight gaps and narrow spaces. This tool is also very useful in cleaning places that are difficult to reach, especially underneath furniture and appliances. The SEBO crevice tool has a sharp nozzle with an angled tip for maximum power and efficiency in removing dirt and dust from tight spots.

The upholstery tool is used to clean fabric furniture surfaces like sofas, chairs, mattresses, and other soft surfaces. The SEBO upholstery tool has rubber fingers that are very gentle on fabric surfaces, yet it can remove even the finest dirt particles.

The dusting brush is often used for vacuuming delicate surfaces without causing any damage or scratches. These surfaces are like shelves, mirrors, lampshades, picture frames, and other flat surfaces made of glass. It can also be used for cleaning dusty items like books.

Different SEBO Vacuum Attachments and Accessories

There are various SEBO vacuum attachments and accessories that are available for purchase, each of which has its own purpose and function. Here are some of them:

Premium Parquet Floor Brush

The SEBO Premium Parquet Floor Brush is the best option to use for your hard floor cleaning needs. This tool is specially designed to give better cleaning performance for your wood, tile, laminated floor, and other hard floor surfaces compared to the standard brush nozzle. It employs SEBO’s tilt-and-turn ‘flex’ neck design, which provides the maneuvering ability to work around obstacles and furniture. It also has natural bristles and soft wheels which gather fine dust and dirt particles, without the worry of scratching the floor surface.

The SEBO Premium Parquet Floor Brush is already included with the D4 Premium, K3 Premium, K2 Turbo, and the Felix 1 Premium, But this tool is compatible with all SEBO canister vacuums, including the SEBO Felix and Dart upright vacuum models. It can also be paired with the SEBO wants for central vacuum usage.

Kombi Nozzle

Similar to the Premium Parquet Floor Brush, the Kombi Nozzle features SEBO’s ‘flex’ neck design for easy maneuverability, especially around obstacles and furniture. One of its special features is the quick-release mechanism which allows the tool to be attached or detached from the vacuum in seconds, so you won’t have a hard time switching tools during cleaning.

The best features of the Kombi Nozzle are its innovative twin-stream suction system and the crescent-shaped natural retractable bristle strip, which provides effective removal of fine dust and dirt from one edge to another. The retractable bristles make this tool stand out among other SEBO floor tools, as it can clean a combination of hard floor and low-pile carpets, rugs, as well as wool loop piles.

The SEBO Kombi Nozzle is already included with the SEBO Airbelt D1 Kombi, Airbelt E1 Kombi, and the Airbelt K2 Kombi. But this tool will work well with all SEBO canister vacuums, as well as the Felix and Dart upright vacuum models. It can also be paired with the SEBO wants for central vacuum usage.

TT-C Turbo Head

The SEBO TT-C Turbo Head is a powerful and versatile tool that can also be attached to the SEBO floor tools for more efficient cleaning. This tool is very useful in cleaning areas with a light-medium build-up of dirt and dust. It promises a thorough clean-up using its spring-loaded brush roll, as it can pick up fine particles from hard floors and thicker pile carpets alike.

This tool’s versatility can be tested when transitioning in cleaning carpet or rugs to hard floors and vice versa, without the need of changing the attachment. This tool can also be used for delicate flooring that requires a lower suction level by simply sliding the front vent open or closed. SEBO vacuums are known for their state-of-the-art ET-1 powerheads, and this tool is the closest one to it.

Similar to the Kombi Nozzle, the TT-C Turbo Head comes included with the SEBO Airbelt D4, Kombi, Airbelt E2 Turbo, and the Airbelt K2 Turbo. This will also work well with all SEBO canister vacuums, as well as the Felix and Dart upright vacuum models.

Hand-Held Turbo Brush

Despite looking like a small floor brush, the SEBO Hand-Held Turbo Brush is designed for cleaning upholstery, furniture, mattresses, and stairs. This tool features a swivel neck design, which makes the cleaning of tight spaces a lot easier.

In addition to its specialized design, the SEBO Hand-Held Turbo Brush is equipped with a powerful turbo brush roller that spins at a high speed. This adds up to better cleaning performance for removing stubborn lint and pet hair. It can be pop-open easily to give better access to removing clogs, which is excellent for pet owners.

This tool is a perfect choice for those who have pets at home, as it can pick up pet hair from upholstery and carpets. The SEBO Hand-Held Turbo Brush comes included with the SEBO X7 Premium Pet upright. But since this tool is a friction-fit attachment, it can be used on the hose or wand end of any SEBO vacuum cleaner, as well as to a central vacuum kit.

Flexible Crevice Tool

If reaching up high or in between narrow spaces are your common problems, then the SEBO Flexible Crevice Tool is the right one for you. With the narrow, long, and flexible design of this 24-inch tool, cleaning hard-to-reach areas will be easier than ever. This tool is very useful in reaching cobwebs, fan blades, and other areas that are not always accessible with a standard-sized crevice tool.

If you’ve been wanting to clean up the dust at the back of your fridge or to clean the grimy corners of your oven, then this tool will be perfect for that. It can also remove caked-on dirt and dust from between car seats or inside cracks and crevices in upholstery. This tool can be attached to the hose or wand end of any SEBO vacuum cleaner, as well as to a central vacuum kit.

Final Thoughts

Apart from the tools above, SEBO also offers other useful brushes and accessories such as:

  • Combination Floor Tool
  • Friction-Fit Parquet Brush
  • Wall and Floor Brush
  • Turn and Clean Parquet Brush
  • Radiator Brush
  • Extension Wand
  • Extension Hose

Whether you’re a professional or a DIY home cleaner, knowing all the necessary SEBO attachments and accessories will help you ensure that your household cleaning chores are done properly. All of these tools are designed with specific purposes in mind, which means they can work best when paired with certain SEBO models.

One thing to keep in mind is to only use SEBO genuine accessories. These are made specifically for SEBO vacuum cleaners so they fit perfectly with your vacuum model. Using another brand’s vacuum cleaner accessory on your SEBO might damage or scratch the surface of both the accessory and the vacuum cleaner.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to buy SEBO accessories or replacement parts, check out our online store. We offer some of the best deals on all SEBO vacuum attachments and accessories. We also have tools that work great with central vacuum system kits, as well as pet hair removal products too.

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