Sebo Dart vs. Sebo Felix

Sebo has a number of upright vacuums and we get a lot of questions about the difference between the Dart and the Felix. The two machines have the same motors in both the suction and the power motor, and the general performance is quite similar. Why might you choose one over the other? The features of each machine are different and how you will use the vacuums is quite different. Feel free to check out our YouTube video to see how they compare, or keep reading below.

Both the Sebo Felix and the Dart come with the same hand tools. The Felix, however, comes with the premium parquet tool to be used specifically on bare floors. The Dart does not come with that tool in the package.

One of the larger differences between the machines is that the Sebo Felix has a variable suction control power switch in the handle, while the Dart has a simple On/Off switch. When you start using high performance vacuum cleaners, you might think that more suction means that the machine is doing a better job cleaning. This is not necessarily the case. If the carpet being vacuumed has a high pile, or a waterproof barrier, using a high performance vacuum at full suction may cut off airflow. If the vacuum creates a seal with the floor and there is no airflow, there is no way for the vacuum to pick up the debris into the body of the machine.

The body of both machines is quite similar. They have the same high filtration, although each line comes in different exterior colors. The hose length and exterior tools are all the same. The base of the machine is where the largest difference presents itself. The Sebo Dart has a single-bend knuckle from the body of the vacuum to the powerhead, while the Felix has a rotating joint.

The Felix has a retractable handle- useful for if you’d like to use it as a handheld vacuum with an attachment. The Dart handle is a fixed length.