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You will have to repair the pump if the rug doctor doesn’t spray properly. There is a single pump in the model Mighty Pro and the model X3, while there are two parallel pumps in the Big Track models. We can replace your pumps!

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Complete vacuum cleaning & maintenance for $59.99.* (reg. $89.99)

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We are a factory authorized Rug doctor service center), If you have issues with the Rug Doctor unit, contact our Customer Support Team.












Spray Issue

If the cleaning solution from the base of your machine is poor to not spraying at all in your rug doctor, try the following:

  • Check that the device is cleaned 
  • Keep pushed down on top of the handle the red spray button.
  • Check for enough water in the red base tank and fill it if necessary.
  • Check that the braided tube is firmly fixed at the back of the unit.

Spray Button not working   

Try the following solutions if you have any issues with the red spray button:

  • Check the braided shaft that supplies the spray nozzle with the cleaning solution. Make sure that the shaft is connected firmly to the brass connector.
  • Pull the connector down if the shaft is loose before the silver ball is filled. Place the pad in the connector and push the pad until it shuts. Check the relation, pushing the tube upwards carefully.

Cleaning and Suction Issues

Check the dome filter on the top of the unit if your carpet is wet, but the White Recovery Tank contains no dirty water. Check for any obstructions on the wire mesh filter and the filter should see light. If the filter is blocked, clean under a tap.

  • Ensure proper link of the dome filter. Make sure the black rubber seal is flushed across the tank’s top.
  • Remove the gray rubber tube attachment at the machine’s back. Switch on the vacuum device to see if a suction from the gray tube is present.
  • If the gray tube has suction, reconnect the tube. Switch the machine gently and placed a newspaper under the front. Switch on the vacuum device to check that the newspaper is sucking up.
  • If the gray shoe or the front of the machine doesn’t generate any suction, return it to the store where you hired the machine.

Troubleshooting Hand Tool

Ensure that the woven shaft that links the hand tool to the machine is properly installed. If the braided tube adapter is loose, just pull down the jumper-powered brass connector until the brass connector has shut. Ensure a safe link by pulling gently on the woven brass or chrome pants.

  • Make sure that the machine is hand-held. The white rocker switch on the top of the machine will adjust the cleaning mode.
  • Remove the gray tube connector connected to the hand tool and use your hand to measure the suction. Machines that use a red-handled hand tool don’t have to remove the gray connector; simply measure the hand tool with your hand.
  • Then placed the cleaning head of each hand tool in a clean water bucket. Shake violently and clear any obstacle or scrap.
  • There could be a problem with your device if the tool has little to no suction. Send the unit in this case to the store from which you purchased it.

Rug Doctors Power Issues

Here is to see if you’re not going to start your Rug Doctor Pump:

  • Verify that the plug is in the socket and switch the socket on.
  • To see if the reset button is popped up, check the fuse box. If it is, turn the vacuum switch off before the reset button is pressed. Try to turn the machine on then. Return the machine to the store if it is not working or the reset button is re-new.