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Riccar Vacuum Cleaner Repair Services

We are your Riccar vacuum repair service. Repair your Riccar today. We are an authorized repair and service center for Riccar Simplicity and all other Tacony products! We repair and service in and out of warranty. 

  • Fast turn around normally 2-7 days
  • 90 day warranty on repairs
  • Estimates are 100% free
  • Free tune ups for most machines bought from us.
  • Free loaner vacuums available with many vacuum services
  • Genuine parts!
  • Wide selection of supplies in stock

Riccar vacuum technology is proven to enhance indoor air quality and thoroughly clean your carpet. Riccar vacuums were designed and produced to be high performance and long lasting. HEPA media bags and/or HEPA self-sealing media bags are often used to collect and store particulates at an efficiency of 99.97 per cent at 0.3 microns.

$59.99 Vacuum Service Special

Complete vacuum cleaning & maintenance for $59.99.* (reg. $89.99)

*Restrictions apply

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Riccar vacuum repair

Get a free consultation with our Riccar vacuum repair services. If your machine needs repair, we will give you a similar vacuum as a loaner. Vacuum cleaners from the Riccar also are top-rated for a long time. Riccar has multiple models and a series of vacuum cleaners.

In addition to these essential and straightforward vacuum repair tips, bring us the machine, and we ensure reliable, economically efficient operation, tuning, and repair.












Common Riccar vacuum repairs for canisters and uprights.

  1. Your Riccar Low Suction?
  • Indicator bag search: If the bag is full, add a new bag and check the bag filter where the paper bag is stored. 
  • Belt control: Most Riccar vacuums are fitted with a flat belt of rubber that does not stretch or crack. Some do use rubber belts which should be replaced every 6 months
  • The motor filter should be replaced every six months.
  1. Is your Riccar brush roller not spinning?
  • Check if the belt does not stretch, or if your models have this option, check the belt reset.
  • If the belts are flat, they should be replaced every 4-6 months.
  • Sometimes things are wrapped around the brush like hair, string, and other materials.

Bearings and rollers of the brush should rotate freely

These are some popular Riccar models that we service and repair

1.   Lightweight Premium Vacuum SupraLite R17 Self-sealing HEPA medium pack, LIGHT vacuum built for deep cleaning of plush tapestry and bare floors.

2.   Premium Pet Vacuum Tandem Air. Last cleaner with our highest particle and odor filter on a straight vacuum.

3.   Upright Vacuum Tandem Air Deluxe Strength, durability, and filtration of the HEPA media flex your muscles in this double vacuum motor.

4.   Clean Air Upright Vacuum Norm R25 Reliable cleaning efficiency in all floors, plus handling and achieving great value.

5.   Upright vacuum: R25 Premium Pet Excellent maneuverability plus premium odor control and particle filtration, a dirt sensor, and a hair remover tool.

6.   R25 Pure Air Upright Deluxe Vacuum Cleaning powerfully to combat allergies and advanced design makes it a pleasure to use.

7.   Turbo Nozzle Prima Straight Suction. The joy of using the turbo nozzle on bare floors and in-area teapots.

8.   Vacuum Broom R60 The bare floors are strong, compact, and clean. HEPA is used in the bag-less concept.

9.   Full-size nozzle Prima Power Team. Slim, low-profile nozzles for HEPA medium filtration, odor prevention, superior carpet cleaning.

10.  Tandem Air Nozzle Prima Power Team. The most flexible HEPA sealing medium filter and odor control canister in Riccar.

11.  Lightweight Vacuum Cordless Supra-Lite. Good cleaning for tapestries and bare floors with a media bag from HEPA.

12.  Vacuum from Roam Cordless Broom This can be achieved by the Riccar Roam.  Roam the room, without being bound up by a rope, by vacuuming.

13.  Premium vacuum Supra-Lite Quality This lightweight vacuum comes with a HEPA medium sac and a lifelong belt suitable for carpet and bare ground cleaning.

14.  Lightweight vacuum Supra-Lite standard. This Supra-Lite contains nothing standard with a HEPA media bag and quick, efficient multi-floor cleaning.