Replacing a wand clip latch on Bissells

Replacing bissell wand clip latch


Product available here: 

1629953 Latch Wand Release-bissell


Applies to the following models

MultiClean Allergen Pet LO model: 2998
PowerClean Allergen LiftOff Pet model 3399
CleanView Allergen Pet LiftOff model 3059
MultiClean Allergen Pet model 2999
CleanView Allergen Pet model 3057
PowerClean Allergen Pet model 3000
Multiclean Allergen Pet Model 2849
Multiclean Allergen Pet LiftOff Model 2852
PowerLifter Pet LiftOff Model 2920

Hey there, I’m Josh, representing Vacuums R Us and Sewing in beautiful Colorado. Today, I’m going to chat with you about a common issue we’ve encountered with a specific series of Bissell vacuum cleaners, the CleanView Allergen Pet. Check out the comments below for a list of model numbers that this pertains to. We’ve seen this problem where the handle tends to flop down just like that, and it’s all due to this little clip right here that holds the handle in place. This tiny component has a tendency to break quite often – it’s a real champ in the realm of common issues.

Now, the good news is that fixing this issue is a walk in the park. I’ve got a brand new part here, which even comes with a fresh spring. This is particularly handy because, when the original part breaks, the spring might get misplaced or even accidentally vacuumed up! So, we’re all set for an easy-peasy installation.

Let’s zoom in a bit so you can see the action up close. Here’s my old, broken one with the tab missing, and here’s the new, complete piece. The two tabs are in good shape, and I’ll quickly attach the spring to it. The spring attaches easily right here. And when we put it in, make sure that the side with “wand release” faces upward, and the spring points towards the machine. If you look closely at your vacuum, you’ll notice a small recess where the spring slots in. These two little tabs will fit right in there. Give them a gentle squeeze and they’ll slide right into place. Insert the spring, listen for that satisfying snap – there’s one side, and here’s the other.

Now, for a quick test to ensure that the spring is in its proper place. Sometimes, if it’s slightly off, the spring might not engage correctly. But in this case, the spring is doing its job, and the handle stays securely in place. The release works like a charm, and you’re all set!

If you need this part for your vacuum, don’t worry. I’ll provide a link in the comments section where you can grab it. We usually keep these on hand, but if we ever run out, we can special order it, which might take a little extra time – about a week – but you’ll get your hands on it. This is a quick and easy fix that’ll have your vacuum back in action in no time!