CleanMax Pro-Series Champ CMP-5T Upright Commercial Vacuum with Tools


Introducing the CleanMax Champ CMP-5T Upright Vacuum: designed for commercial cleaning, it combines lightweight durability with whisper-quiet operation. Featuring a 3-Stage Filtration system including HEPA Media and Electrostatic Filters, it effortlessly cleans the air it emits. With a unique bag and filter replacement system, along with easy-change brushroll, downtime is minimized, making it the top choice for cleaning services.

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CleanMax Champ CMP-5T Overview

Introducing the brand new CleanMax Champ CMP-5T Upright Vacuum, engineered to meet the demanding standards of commercial cleaning tasks. This Clean Air upright vacuum from CleanMax effortlessly tackles cleaning tasks with its lightweight yet robust design.

With whisper-quiet operation, the Champ ensures minimal disturbance while effectively cleaning the air it releases, thanks to its advanced 3-Stage Filtration system comprising HEPA Media and Electrostatic Filters. Its innovative bag and filter replacement system, along with a convenient clean-out port and easy-change brushroll, keep downtime to a minimum, making the Champ the top choice for cleaning services.

CleanMax Champ CMP-5T Features

  • High-performance 2-stage, 9 Amp motor equipped with thermal protection
  • Incorporates a Clean Air system, ensuring quiet and lightweight cleaning
  • Features HEPA media bag and filter for comprehensive cleaning
  • Utilizes a unique bag and filter replacement system for convenience
  • Implements a 3-stage filtration system to purify the air
  • Constructed with a sturdy metal handle tube and integrated carry handle
  • Comes with versatile tools suitable for various cleaning tasks
  • Equipped with a floor height adjustment dial and furniture guard
  • Boasts front and side edge cleaning capabilities
  • Backed by a 2-year motor warranty and a 1-year comprehensive warranty

CleanMax Champ CMP-5T Specs

Model CMP-5T
Motor 2-Stage, 9 Amp Capped Motor with Thermal Protection
Cleaning System Clean Air
CFM Average 109
Inches of Water Lift 81.5”
Tools Wand, Stretch Hose, Crevice Tool and Upholstery Tool
On/Off Switch On Body
Cord 40-Foot Commercial 18-Gauge SJT
Nozzle Width 14 Inches
Edge Cleaning Front and Side
Height Adjustment Dial
Weight 17.4 Pounds
Handle Metal Handle Tube, Looped Ergonomic Grip
Warranty 2 Year Motor, 1 Year Comprehensive
Vacuum Bag HEPA Media
Post Filter HEPA Media
Motor Filter Electrostatic

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