Cordless Electric Mop for Hard Floor Cleaning


Effortlessly tackle stubborn stains and dust with our powerful electric mop featuring a dual-motor spinning at 280r/min. With a lightweight design, hands-free operation, and an extended battery life of 40-60 minutes, cleaning has never been more convenient and efficient.

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Powerful Spin & Long-Last Battery – The floor cleaner boasts a dual-motor spinning at up to 280r/min, effectively removing stubborn stains, dust, and splotches from home and kitchen floors. Simultaneously, it automatically propels the electric mop forward, making housework effortless. In comparison to other electric mops, the detachable 2550mAh battery in the VMAI cordless mop offers an extended run time of 40-60 minutes after just 2.5-3 hours of fast charging, allowing quick cleaning of up to a 2150 sq. ft area.

Hands-Free & Lightweight – Our electric mop utilizes the latest wireless technology, providing unrestricted movement. With a weight of under 3 pounds and an ergonomic handle, you can easily mop around the house or carry the cordless mop up and downstairs for floor cleaning. The stand-free design facilitates convenient storage, and the no-touch disposal eliminates the need to touch the dirty pad again. Suitable for cleaning living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

Flexible, Adjustable, and LED Headlight – The electric floor mop features an extendable rod for flexible length adjustment, extending up to 48.8 inches and shortening to 37 inches to meet various needs. No bending, no backache. The mop head rotates 180° from left to right and 90° for standing, making mopping more accessible around furniture. The flexible mop with an LED headlight reveals grime in hard-to-reach places. Stains can no longer hide!

Sprayer for Cleaning & Waxing – This electric mop comes with a spray function, thanks to the 300ml built-in water tank. Add clean water using the provided measuring cup for wet mopping or wax oil for scrubbing wooden floors. Simply press and hold the spray button on the handle to control the liquid amount. Perfect for scrubbing and cleaning vinyl, tile, hard floors, wood floors, laminate floors, marble floors, etc.

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