Nellie’s Wow Mop!

Nellies Scrub & Polish Pads for Wow Mop

The Nellie’s Wow Mop is a fantastic solution to cleaning your bare floors! While it looks a little different than other mops you may have seen, the lightweight mop does the hard work for you. The frame is made of aluminum and it uses an oscillating pattern to gently buff out stains and pick up grime. No one looks forward to mopping floors, but the Wow Mop might change your mind!

The Wow Mop also comes with a bottle of Nellie’s All Natural Cleaning Solution. This solution doesn’t contain any harsh added chemicals, so it will leave your floors nice and shiny with no residue! The oscillating pattern from the Wow Mop means that it can pick up and absorb as much liquid as it can spray. There will be no more standing moisture that might ruin your beautiful hardwood floor! Simply spray down the solution and let the mop do the rest of the work.

The unit is cordless, with an easy-access charging port, and has a runtime of 35 minutes on a full charge. On the head of the mop are three blinking lights. These lights will indicate how much charge is left in the machine. There are also two bright LED headlights on the front of the machine to help illuminate grit, dirt, and grime on your floors.

Nellie's WOW Mop - Self Oscillating and Spraying Floor Cleaner

On the top of the handle is the power button, as well as the sprayer button. When you need to refill your Wow Mop, use the included measuring cup. Simply use one part Nellie’s All Natural Cleaning Solution and two parts water.

The Wow Mop comes with a pair of Nellie’s WOW Wet Floor cleaning pads that are eco-friendly and reusable. Once your floors are clean, simply throw your pads in the washing machine!