Learn to sew with recycled materials – Plastic Zipper Bag class

Plastic is everywhere. Have you ever noticed how much of our goods come packaged in disposable plastic material that is not recycle friendly? Cheese, granola bars, chips, toilet paper and many other foods and household goods all come packaged in a thin plastic material. Come learn how to repurpose plastic food wrapping and other disposable plastic packaging! In this class, Rachel will teach you how to turn any plastic food wrapping into reusable zipper bags. These are perfect for gifts, and great to use for travel, hiking and backpacking. With the addition of rip-stop nylon for the lining, these little zipper bags are perfect wet proof bags to store hiking snacks or doggie treats in too!

sewing class learn to sew with recycled materialssewing class learn to sew with recycled materials

This is a free live online virtual class via zoom

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Learn to Sew – Plastic Trash Zipper Bag List


Outer Plastic Trash – Because we are repurposing a piece of plastic trash, there is no standard size to this piece. Simply wash the plastic piece in your sink before bringing to class. Empty candy bags, shredded cheese packaging, etc work well. Be creative!


  • Two pieces larger than your outer plastic trash. * You can use rip-stop nylon for a water resistant lining, or cotton fabric.
  • Iron On Vinyl – Two pieces larger than your plastic trash

Other Supplies

  • Zipper – Larger than your plastic trash
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Fabric Clips
  • Turning Tool (optional)
  • Squeegee (optional)
  • Double Sided Stick Tape (optional)

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