Learn to Sew Online!

Our online Learn to Sew platform is now live! We have been developing tutorials for some of our common sewing classes so that anyone can learn to sew. Our students can now learn from anywhere in the world. If you have internet access and a desire to learn, we can teach you.

We have Janome classes that teach a variety of techniques. There is a Quilt-As-You-Go class, a tutorial on an Orange Peel quilt block, and a Half Circle quilt block. We also offer our own tutorial on how to sew a custom neck tie, taught by one of our own sewing instructors, Margaret!

As we keep filming tutorials for our students, they will get added to this platform, to be available whenever our students want to revisit or learn the instructions.

Students can pause, rewind, rewatch, and leave comments on all of the videos. In the following weeks, we will highlight various classes, so keep an eye out! We will also be releasing more tutorials as we work towards the fall.

To get started, click HERE to access our online Learn to Sew platform. We can’t wait to see everything you make!

Keep an eye on our Instagram for more frequent project updates