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Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Repair Services

Do you need to find a  service center to fix your Kirby vacuum? Our trained technicians are ready for your service and repair. 

Low Suction? No power? Belt Broken? 

  • Managed repair services
  • Local Colorado company
  • Average turn around within 7 days.
  • In-stock parts and components.
  • Factory authorized Dyson service

Do you need a service center to repair your kirby? The trained service staff at our service centers are ready to service and repair your Kirby Cleaning Machine. Enjoy your Kirby system for many years by maintaining it!

After years of excellent cleaning, does your Kirby machine still clean better than any previous vacuum? Our repair and maintenance services helps your Kirby machine run as new for future generations.

If you need repair or refurbish your Kirby vacuum, please visit our Kirby vacuum repair center. Explain the issue and you will be provided with an estimate of the repair costs for free in store.

$59.99 Vacuum Service Special

Complete vacuum cleaning & maintenance for $59.99.* (reg. $89.99)

*Restrictions apply

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Reconditioned Kirby G4

Take your machine with you today and get a free consultation. 

We are the vacuum cleaner center and Kirby specialist.

  • Kirby vacuum gears greasing and service
  • Lose a part or tool for Kirby? we have extras!!!
  • Sentria Kirby 1 & 2 F Bags and Hepa Bags and Heritage Paper Bags, or Kirby Generation 3.
  • Kirby Belts available
  • Heritage Kirby brush roller, Ultimate G 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 styles.
  • Flat vacuum belts.












Kirby vacuum problems:

  1. If the Kirby motor sounds loud:
  • Test the blockage brush roller.
  • Enter the head of the brush and control the fan – Turn off your Kirby first.
  • Ensure that the Kirby belt is correctly installed. 
  1. Low suction on Kirby:
  • Look at the bag, they have a fill line that is usually about midway on the bag.
  • Ensure that the intake is not blocked from the assembly.
  • Look at the curtain, most models have a light on the head assembly that lights green when the belt is good.
  • Test the mini emptor bag or the waste bag tube / (your vacuum bag).
  • Care should be taken to verify the head assembly to ensure that the height level can be changed.
  1. It is difficult to push or pull Kirby:
  • Ensure the transmission lever on the back is “D” instead of “N” on the move.
  • Set the height of the head to higher – 1 the lower and higher digits rise the highest the head.
  • In addition to these quick and easy Kirby repairs, take advice, get the machine to us and we will ensure reliable and affordable service, tune-up, and repair.

Kirby vacuum models we work on

Here you will find different kinds of  Kirbys we work on. 

  1. Kirby G5
  2. G-six
  3. Ultimate G
  4. Ultimate Diamond Edition
  5. Kirby Sentria
  6. Sentria II
  7. Avalir
  8. Avalir II