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Kenmore Vacuum Repair

Colorado’s #1 Kenmore Vacuum Repair Shop we  are your one stop for Kenmore authorized service and repair in and out of warranty Following the completion of the assessment, the Kenmore Service technician will review all available service options, replacements, and improvements with you.

Common Kenmore Repairs for upright and sanisters

Low Suction:

  • Indicator bag check, if a new bag pointer is lit after a new bag is installed, you have a clog.
  • Check belt. If the belt is not out of place, reset or replace, many Kenmore vacuums have a reset function.
  • In a bagless vacuum, filters must be cleaned after every use and replaced every year.

The brush roller does not spin:

  • Ensure that the belt is not stretched and check if your model has a reset function.
  • If its belt is flat, it should be replaced  every 4-6 months.
  • Hair, strings, and other materials wrap around the brush and reduce performance and can damage the machine.
  • Brush rollers should be replaced frequently as brushes wear rapidly.

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kenmore vacuum repair

Take your machine in today and get a free repair estimate. We provide you with an on the spot quote on cost of repair if your machine needs service before we start the repairs. Ask for a loaner vacuum if needed.

We service Kenmore upright and canister type vacuum models.

The Kenmore brand introduced it’s first vacuum in 1932.












Examples of Kenmore Vacuums we work on

1.   Kenmore 400 Pet-friendly bagged canister with HEPA series.

o   Suitable for the purification of all surfaces and areas of your whole house.

o   Made of aluminum and a lightweight adjustable wall lengthens up to a long reach.

o   Improved device traps for HEPA filters 99. 97% of the waste, dander, and dust of trapping.

o   A 26-inch retractable cord and all fittings are well stored in the vacuum.

o   A 2-engine system with four height changes and suction excels for efficient airflow.

2.   HEPA Canister Vacuum with Pet Turbine Brush Kenmore High-weight HEPA

o   Conceived with cyclonic technology to clean every floor

o   Centrifugal force produces suction, hair, and dirt out of cracking and taping.

o   Have a translucent, easy-to-empty canister and two attachments

o   HEPA filters system – Allergy contaminants decrease, and 99.7% of waste is trapped

o   The handle is available with adjustable wall lengths to exceed 9-inch.

3.   Lightweight bagged canister of Pet Power-Mate with Kenmore 600 Series.

o   The 2 motor system produces a great appeal.

o   Just 22.6 lbs lightweight

o   The tool for cracking, brush dusting contained three additional accessories.

o   Unique Pop-N-Go brush on two floors

o   A versatile design that cleans every area with a rotating head

4.   Kenmore Portable Canister Vacuum Lightweight Bag-less

o   A cracking nozzle and brushing furniture accessories are included.

o   24′ cord for retractable comfort.

o   Adjustable length for the 9′′ range.

o   The handle can be removed entirely.

5.   Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner Kenmore Pet Friendly

o   The shaft and wall stretch to the 10′.

o   Four changes in height ensure adequate and sufficient airflow.

o   A two-motor system with superior suction capacity

o   The air-driven turbine transforms the brush roller to high rpm.

o   Multi-storage model.

6.   Pleasant Beltless Vacuum from Kenmore Elite Pet

o   The handle can be removed.

o   The 2 motor system enhances suction strength.

o   The sensor of Led light

o   Tap with holes, furniture wrapping brush, duty brush are three accessories included.

o   Fix the height manually

7.   Max Beltless Vacuum with Triple HEPA Kenmore Elite Bag-less Cross-Over

o   Multi-surface built for home and kitchen use with a broad sweater route.

o   The dust bin can be removed easily.

o   The air-powered turbine spins a high RPM roller push.

o   The HEPA Filter System incorporates control cyclonic power 2 motors Flexible wall and shaft are stretched up to 11- inch.

8.   Progressive Kenmore vacuum cleaner Blueberry Canister

o   Crossover handle for quick storage of dusting brush and cravings.

o   Pet powder and tools for washing fur from mobilizing animals are suitable.

o   7-foot pads and telescopic walls for above-floor washing.

o   The exclusive stair handle allows the vacuum cleaner to remain on the escalator.

o   Air Cleaning HEPA Filtration.

9.   Kenmore Red Pepper Radical Upright

o   Have a HEPA and pet Handi Mate to catch your pet’s hair.

o   Shut off agitator for optimal cleaning of transparent floors.

o   A Power-Flow system maximizes airflow with greater power.

o   Indicator Output – Alert when you search for the clog or adjust your bag.

10.                The Ultra-Light Stick Vacuum Cleaner Kenmore Elite 25V Kenmore Elite

o   Remote stem vacuum with two brushes for the removal and cleaning of hair from animals.

o   The motorized fixture quickly lifts the hair and dirt of the pet from the surfaces.

o   Adjustable shortages and spreads to hard-to-reach areas for everyday cleanup.

o   Turn into a reliable, flexible cleaning vacuum.

o   Washable HEPA filter and 25V battery with lithium-ion.