How to Replace a Hose on a Bissell Spot Clean Shampooer

Bissell Spot Cleaners are great little shampooers that make cleaning small messes and stains a breeze. These machines have one very common issue that is almost certainly going to need to be addressed – the hose assembly tears, cracks, or clogs! Thankfully, with a little bit of guidance, this is a super easy repair that can be down with minimal tools and parts.

In this video, Josh – our certified Bissell specialist – is going to show you how to repair your Bissell hose. The only things that you are going to need will be the Bissell hose itself and about 20 minutes or so. Check out the whole process down below.

Replacing the Hose on a Bissell Spot Bot Shampooer Transcript

I’m Josh from Vacuums R Us & Sewing Too in Arvada and Boulder, Colorado, and today I’m going to show you how to replace a hose on one of the Bissell spot cleaners. There are two basic platforms of the spot clean, and this Bissell repair only applies to one of those platforms. If your machine has a cord reel with the cord wraps around right here = and the hose wraps around the bottom like this, then this video applies to you. If your Spot clean is different, then this is not the video for you. You have a totally different model of Bissell shampooer. I’m not going to list all the models that this video applies to because Bissell has literally hundreds of models for the same exact machine. Bissell will change colors and change what attachments are included and those get a new model number. Generally speaking, if you have this on your machine then this hose replacement will apply to you. Torn hoses are super common on these Bissell shampooers because they are strained and they tend to rip, and this is an easy repair. This is a repair I’m comfortable with a ton of people doing at home. Again, if you’re not comfortable go to for the dealer locator and bring your shampooer into a dealer and they will have an authorized technician.

So, first, there’s two basic variations which I do want to point out. I’m only going to do a repair on one of these because this is the only variation you need to get to screws that are inside the machine. We have a little cap here that will just pop right off, but there’s another type where this is a sticker, right here that is hiding the screw back there. You can use any number of different types of tools to get in here to get that sticker off. And you don’t really need to put the sticker back on, it’s simply there to make these Bissell’s look a little bit nicer. But if you take the sticker off, you’ll see these screws that we need to get to. I’m going to put this right back up because I’m not going to do the repair on this one, I’m going to do the repair on the other one. Alright, so you’re going to take your tanks off and get those out of the way. We don’t need those here. I’m going to get these screws off. I will put a leak in the description down below for the part number of the hose that you need to get through this. Again, there are a couple of different platforms. If you get the wrong hose that’s not going to fit at all. The correct hose has the internal hose that has everything on it, and you just snap those right on. This is not a terrible repair. A lot of the videos I’ve done I’m going, “Man, I hope nobody actually tries to do this themselves” but this one is a straightforward one.

You’ll notice the hose is not broken. We’re going to pretend it is. I’m taking apart a perfectly good machine to show you how to do this. You’ve got 3 screws right here. And if I remember correctly, all the screws are the same size on this Bissell shampooer which is nice because you don’t have to keep track of where stuff is coming from. Take the cord off as well. Alright, now that the other side is undone, we’re going to undo this side. I’ve zip tied the cord so that it stays together and isn’t in my way. I’ve got the same three screws on this side. In addition to that, I have two screws here in the cord hook. And then I have one screw up here that’s also holding the cord hook end. And then that’ll pop off this side of the housing kind of clamshell. Open it up and now you have full access to everything that you need, I’m going to take this off because it’s going to get thrown out. We’ll pop out that housing. All right, and I can see that the hose is already starting to come off. That just pops right out. There’s a little knob right here that goes down in there and then there’s a gasket you can see right there, which is going to be on the hose. You get all this stuff on the hose you get when you buy the new hose. If you get the part number that we have in the description below. Hoses going inside this body which houses the hose is the pump in the main motor and I believe it’s 4 screws. I got one over here. I’m going to go in sideways on that. Remember, we get different size screws, so the larger screws are used to hold the motor housing on. Those are longer. The body is held together with shorties and the motor housing is going to be longer. That will just pop off. You just lay it to the side so it’s out of your way. So now that we’re here, we’re going to pop this off and on our new hose if you get the right part number you should have a new T junction here, along with that rubber stop. So, you’re going to take off these two hose clamps right here. They typically will twist around just fine. Take a picture of it maybe, or you can always reference back to this video to see which hoses go into which in case you get confused.

If your hoses are stuck, you can use a heat gun or a hair dryer to warm them up and they’ll pop off a lot easier. I have seen people in the past use cigarette lighters and wave it under there. That’s not safe. I don’t recommend it, but I have seen it done and I have seen it work. Not that I would ever do such a thing. And you know because I always have the right tools at hand. But that’s a shortcut I’ve seen people use. So, I’m going to go ahead and put this back on. My hose clamps are still on those hoses and I’m going to pull them back up and I’m going to put those clamps right back. Nope, I overestimated my strength so there’s one and my other one is falling back, and I’ll pull it out to get that hose clamp on. And then put that back on. Here’s the part of the video where we start putting stuff back together and most of you stop watching the video. So, I would appreciate it at this point if you hit the old like button. It helps our channel out. Check the comments below where I’m going to have a link to where you can get these hoses and what hoses you need and I’m going to continue to put the machine back together, but I want to get that in there before you bounce because if you’re anything like me now is the time you leave and you’re like alright I’ll figure it out from here. So, I’m putting this stuff back on.

Be ginger when you take it so everything just stays in place, and it will all just snap right on. I’ll remind you again at this point these are the four. These are the four longer screws that go into the motor housing. I kind of go back and forth in my screws just like I was tightening the head gasket. That and again, so over here this just popped out. That little nub goes right in there. And once we get the outer housing is what holds the hose here in place. And housing there. And this side with. The cord hooks we’re going to slide back on. Careful not to pop this hose out of place. You can see this is what’s going to clamp it all down here. We’ve got it solidly in place. We’ll start putting the external housing screws back on. Second, I will make sure that my hose is still in there solidly, which it is. That’s good news. I’m going to go to the other side before I put the hose reel back on. I’ll get the other side lined up and clamped down. The little clips here push in pretty easily and then all that stays right. I’ll get the one entry screw. and then I have the two cord hook screws. And then I have the three screws remaining that go into the main body housing parked out here. You can see there’s some teeth right there that need to line up. Probably loosen this screw snap in. There we go. This is the part of the video we cut out. All right, and finally I’m going to put the hose reel on here that you know the screws are kind of offset. There’s only one way you can put this on. If you put the screws on properly. There we go. You heard it snap right in. You lost the screw. You have got to be kidding me. OK, and on this model, we have this glamour cap that we just snap right on, and we’re done. On the other model you’ll have that sticker. You actually don’t need this sticker, it’s just there to hide the screws, so don’t feel like putting it on. You don’t have to and that’s it. Your repair is done. Go ahead and test it. Make sure you have spray. If you do not have spray, you pinched the hose down there, it’s super easy to do. You can pinch it, just check your spray if you don’t have it open it back up again and you’ll find that you pinched it somewhere. Thanks for watching.