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Filter Queen Vacuum Cleaner Repair Services

Filter Queen Vacuum Repair

Every month we repair Filter Queen vacuums. Filter Queen is, in our experience a great and high performing canister vacuum. They are long-lasting and well manufactured. You can sum up a filter queen “filtration, strength, and reliability”.

Repair your Filter Queen today! 

  • Certified Woman Owned Small Business
  • Local Colorado company
  • Average turn around within 7 days.
  • Free tune ups for most machines bought from us.
  • 90 day warranty on all repairs
  • In-stock parts and components.
  • Free estimates

We give your vacuum a superior service in our service center. Like any other product, vacuum cleaners from Filter Queen break down sometimes. Bring it to our service center when it happens!

Our vacuum repair technicians are here to help you clean your home quickly and cost-effectively.

$59.99 Vacuum Service Special

Complete vacuum cleaning & maintenance for $59.99.* (reg. $89.99)

*Restrictions apply

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filter queen repairs

Bring your Filter Queen with you today and get a free consultation. Complimentary 3 day loaners are available on request if your machine needs to be checked in for service. Filter Queen had multiple models of vacuums for example, the majestic room cleaners, princess, and defensemen.

Filter Queen goods were exclusively sold through direct domestic sales for over 80 years. This sales channel provides a higher degree of customer support, better introduction of the goods’ advantages, and customer comfort.












Common Filter Queen repairs

Has your filter queen lost Airflow or suction? Did the vacuum belt split or snap on your Filter Queen? Is there a loud noise in your vacuum? We have the answers to all vacuum repair questions! We guarantee all our repairs and typically complete all our work within 3-7 working days.

Low Suction:

  1. Filter check
  2. Belt Check – many Filter Queen vacuums have a reset option if the belt is not locked up, reset or replace.
  3. Filter Queen vacuum cleaners have filters that often need replacement.

Roller brush doesn’t rotate:

  1. Make sure the belt is not locked or whether the belt reset needs tripped if this is an option on your model.
  2. Belts must be replaced if it is a flat belt every 4-6 months.
  3. Hair, strings, and other materials often wrap around the brush, which ruins it.
  4. Brush rollers and rollers must spin freely.

In addition to these quick and easy vacuum repair tips, you can bring the vacuum to us for reliable and cost-effective tune ups and repairs.

Filter Queen models

1.   Majestic Green Filter

Put a larger motor in it, because it’s more powerful than previous ones. But the old style of the pipe, equipment, and wall links remain. The most reliable links were made of metal.

2.   Queen Blue 75th Filter

An even bigger motor – the most powerful unit. They adjusted the connections between the hose, the wall, and the tool. These ties are made of plastic and snap together.

Many owners have complained about the breakdown and the replacement of these snaps over the years. Take great care when you unhook your main arm and instruments.